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Important Features of Fortinet firewall

Features of Fortinet firewall
Image Source: Fortinet

Reasons to select Fortinet firewall in kenya

People used to know about something which seems to be very beneficial and most giving for them and no doubt this security system is a complete platform for ensuring them to resolve their security issues. This system provides various features to its users just for the sake of their comfort and easiness. Here we will discuss some of the most noticeable points responsible for its fame, which are mentioned below:

  • High security has been endorsed by AV Comparatives, NSS Labs, and Virus Bulletin
  • Performance of SSL inspection and threat protection
  • Security capabilities with multiple layers that simplify things
  • Users, programmes, and IOT devices are all visible and under your control
  • Consolidated management and reporting through one window


Features of Fortinet firewall in kenya

These features make this system different from others. You can go through these features by having a look on these points mentioned below:


This system provides countless uses for detailed analysis and exact rule enforcement within the network flow and it protects traffic, whether encrypted and unencrypted, against viruses, flaws, and malicious websites. This service from FortiGuard Labs is used to identify and stop known or unknown sudden attacks for the public using continuous threat information. Many people are demanding for such a safe system, which ensures complete safety for their data as it is very sensitive issue near to everyone. 

Security fabric

This system ensures visibility more than the other systems and also ensures end to end encryption and detection from being saved from external or internal threats. This platform also enables you to exchange threat information available for your device and also the ways to resolve them. This system displayed all the notifications related to security on the screen of your device along with different remediation. If the system remains fail to solve the issues, then it also display some other options, through which you can get access to other devices to get benefited from them. 

Performance and certification

Its performance is one of the most important factor responsible for its fame, as it provide greater speed and activeness to its users, and do all things to meet the needs according the raising demands in the market. Fortinet firewall kenya have so many exemplary certifications mainly from third parties, including AV Comparatives, Virus Bulletin, NSS Labs, and ICSA.

What are the most popular interfaces for Fortinet firewall kenya?

Mainly these interfaces are available for this security system and also add something in its fame and comfort for its users. Such interfaces are mentioned below:

  • USB port
  • Console port
  • 2 GE RJ45 WAN ports
  • 1 GE RJ45 DMZ port
  • 7 internal GE RJ45 ports

Importance of Fortinet’s Security Processing Unit (SPU)

By combining threat prevention security capabilities into a single, high-performance network security appliance, powered by Fortinet’s Security Processing Unit, you can reduce complexity and increase your ROI. Consistent security policy enforcement independent of the location of the asset and complete visibility of users, devices, and apps across the whole attack surface. With an IPS that offers reduced latency and improved network speed, you can guard against vulnerable network flaws. Utilizing the industry’s best SSL inspection performance, including the most recent TLS 1.3 standard with required cyphers, automatically block threats in decrypted communication.

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