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Important tips for new Far Cry 5 players

Far Cry 5 has been one of the most popular action games. It has gained a lot of attraction within the gamers due to its engaging gameplay, vibrant graphics and easy controls. 

However, before starting any game, it is a good idea to know about the mechanics. Checking out the Far Cry 6 Settings before even embarking on the first mission can be helpful during the game. 

Nevertheless, here are some of the important tips for beginners of this game. 

1. Signs are important

In the game, you will come across various signs. These are situated at different locations, which includes roads. These signs always have a meaning. It will notify you of a specific point which may be of interest. For instance, this can be base jump, fishing spot or a hunting ground. Radio towers cannot be solely relied upon. Thus, if you want to keep a track of what is going around you, then you should follow the signs. 

2. Max the resistance points

Whatever you do in the game will earn you resistance points. Some activities will earn you more points than others. Rescuing a hostage can earn you 50 points, whereas, liberating an Outpost will get you 400. The more resistance points you have, the more you will be able to increase in each region. You will be able to perform better within the game with these resistance points. Thus, keep an eye out on the resistance points. 

3. Complete the challenges

Every player should know the importance of completing challenges. These challenges will help in earning perk points. For example, getting a wing suit or maxing the inventory capacity will increase the perk points. Moreover, getting a particular amount of kills can also help in achieving more perk points. This is one of the tips that a lot of players are not familiar with. Thus, always keep a check on the challenges that are pending. 

4. You are able to throw the melee weapons

The assortment of baseball bats, spades, oars and pipes can be thrown like a spear to kill or harm the enemy. The game will never guide you about this. However, this is a tip that you should know. It gives you the ability to fight better. You can use the space better. You should also know about the Best Far Cry 6 Weapons

  1. Recruit the fangs for hire

Fangs for hire are amazing companions which you can recruit to accompany you during the fights. Find them as soon as possible and get them on board. In the game, there are 3 fangs for hire. Recruit them as soon as you find them. There are various guides that you can find to get an idea on how to unlock these fangs.

The bottom line

Far Cry is an interesting action game. Although it is generally found easier by most of the players out there, it can get challenging at some stages. Thus, following are some tips to make the game easier.

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