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Interesting Facts About Airbnb

Interesting Facts About Airbnb

How Airbnb Began

In 2008, while former President Barack Obama campaigned against John McCain, three recent college grads devised novel methods to earn money to pay their rent. What began as a modest solution to prevent eviction ten years ago has evolved into a multibillion-dollar enterprise that has changed the global travel and tourism industry.

Now that Airbnb is approaching its tenth birthday, put on your party hat and learn these interesting facts so you can wow your property manager friends with your Airbnb knowledge!

1. Airbnb’s “Air”

Brian Chesky and his roommates leased out an inflatable mattress on the living room floor to cover their looming rent. The quick income generator has subsequently evolved into what we now know and love as Airbnb. The word “air” is a nod to the company’s origins.

2. Champion’s Breakfast

The company received its first capital from the sale of boxes of repackaged generic cereals dubbed ‘Obama O’s’ and ‘Cap’n McCain’s during the 2008 US presidential election. Each box sold for $40 and contributed around $30,000.

3. A Small House with a Big Experience

The world’s tiniest “home” was originally offered on Airbnb! This one-square-meter waterproof structure in Berlin, Germany, was designed for a single person and contained a bed, desk, and chair. The one-euro-per-night rental was also the lowest listing in Europe.

The rental proved to be so popular that a young artist constructed a nearly identical apartment in Boston, Massachusetts, which was also offered.

4. Living Spaces in a Variety of Locations

When most people think of Airbnb, they envision an apartment or maybe a single room inside an apartment. However, some of the more exotic listings include tree homes, igloos, furnished caverns, lighthouses, boats, castles, and even private islands.

5. The Original Airbnb B&B

Until 2015, CEO Brian Chesky advertised his apartment on Airbnb, which served as the original Airbnb headquarters. Although the original air mattress was no longer available for rent, the sofa was complimented for its comfort and Chesky for his welcoming and down-to-earth demeanor.

6. Community Members Who Are Proactive

Airbnb began its emergency Disaster Response & Relief program in 2012 in response to Hurricane Sandy, offering free housing for both victims of natural disasters and volunteers. Nearly 100 evacuations throughout the world have benefited from the project.

7. Reservations, Reservations, Reservations

Airbnb had around 400 guests in its first year. After ten years, over 400 visitors check in to an Airbnb every two minutes, a 26,280,000 percent increase in check-ins. Mind = blown.

8. Everywhere on the Map… Almost

Airbnb operates in every country except Iran, Sudan, Syria, and North Korea. That is 97.95 percent of the world’s population.

10. There Is More to It Than Meets the Eye

While you’re certainly aware that Airbnb’s iconic ‘A’ logo is an upside-down heart, did you know that the loop is identical to a map pin? This famous logo dubbed the Bélo after the French word for ‘belong,’ signifies people, places, and love in conjunction with the company’s aim of connecting people from all over the globe and building a worldwide community where everyone belongs.

Airbnb has come a long way from its origins and has really made a huge impact on thousands of host’s lives. Expert hosts take advantage of vacation rental software to simplify their operations and increase their profits. If you want to get started on Airbnb today read this article about how you can do it without having to a property!

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