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Cyber security

Internet Threats: How Cyber Criminals Can Attack Your Business

In the financial industry alone, there were 703 cyber-attacks on a business each week. Each day, there are many different attacks that your network and computer systems are vulnerable to.

The first step in defending against these Internet threats is knowing that they exist and what they are.

If you’re interested in keeping your business safe, keep reading to discover the most common types of cyberattacks.


Malware is any type of attack that includes worms, spyware, or viruses. The malware will expose a vulnerability to breach the specific network when the user plants the malware in an email attachment or dangerous link.

When the user clicks on that link or attachment, then the malware can be installed. Once the malware is on your computer, then you could deny access to different parts of the network. They can also take data from your hard drive or render the system inoperable.

This is one of the most common types of cyber attack. Viruses infect different applications by attaching themself to a sequence, much like an actual virus does. Once it attaches, the virus will replicate itself and infect other codes in the system.

The viruses will create a virus file with the same name to look as if it was meant to be on the computer. You might also carry the virus through a trojan.

This is a program that looks useful but actually is malicious. The Trojans don’t replicate themselves, but instead, they establish a backdoor that attackers can use.

Worms are also a common type of malware. They’re programs that are contained, but once they’re on a computer, they can double across networks and computers. They’re normally in email attachments, and they’ll send a copy to every contact in the user’s computer list.

This is one way that hackers use to overload a server.

Denial of Service

Worms are normally used for a denial of service type of cyber attack. These will flood the network or computer so that the system can’t even proceed to a different request.

There is also a distributed DoS attack, but this type of attack starts in the computer network. The cyber attackers will use a flood attack to carry out the denial of service.

There are many other techniques that you can use, and many cyber attacks can use the time while the network is disabled to launch other attacks.

Botnets are a popular form of denial of service, and they’re sometimes also called zombie systems. They target different processes in the computer system, and since they’re from different geographic locations, they can be much harder to trace.


When a hacker inserts malware into your website, computer, or network, then it will lock everything down. The code will take over the entire system, and in return for getting control back, then you’ll need to make a payment or a ransom to get access.

The ransomware finds vulnerabilities and accesses the different networks so that hackers can encrypt files or block access. Normally, you’ll have to pay this payment through a form of cryptocurrency, which is untraceable.

There is no guarantee that they will give you access even after you pay the ransom. These are becoming even more popular because many people will pay the hackers to get their data back. While some hackers will unlock some of the systems, you should never pay the ransomware.

Make sure that you always back up all of your data so that if you are infected with ransomware, you’ll have all of your data backed up. You’ll also want to run routine cyber security checks to ensure all your vulnerabilities are covered.

Man in the Middle Attacks

Man-in-the-middle attacks are when malicious actors spy on your communication between your business and employees. The attacks are used to steal information or redirect the information to a different destination.

For example, Russian hackers attempted a man-in-the-middle attack to breach an Organization for the Prohibition of Chemicals (OPCW). These are the most common attack that can achieve an objective without using ransomware.

However, these are difficult to spot, especially with many employees working remotely. To protect from these, make sure that you don’t join any fake Internet networks in public places.

People can connect to those networks without realizing that they need them, and this will put actors on the network to spy on users.

To protect from this, figure out how firewalls work. This will give you an extra layer of encryption. You should also use transport layer security (TLS).

Using a VPN can also be beneficial.

SQL Injections

Server query language (SQL) injections happen when an attacker puts malicious code into a server. This forces the server to deliver information that is protected.

A hacker will put bad code into an unprotected website search box or comment. You’ll need to have secure code to ensure that you don’t get any of the SQL injections.

A SQL command will use a parameter instead of inserting different values. The SQL will use the parameter to only read data, without executing the code. You’ll need to build this code into your website to protect it.

Discover More Internet Threats

These are only a few Internet threats that you might want to protect yourself from cybersecurity attacks.

Each day, malicious actors figure out new ways to hack your Internet or computer, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends.

If you’re looking for more information from cybersecurity experts, explore our website to find more articles just like this one!

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