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iOS or Android: which one to choose?

iOS or Android
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If you’re new to web app development, it’s impossible to work on iOS and Android at the same time. Development for these operating systems is carried out in different programming languages. iOS requires knowledge of Swift and Objective-C. For Android – Kotlin or Java. Moreover, you will need different equipment. For iOS – Mac or iPhone. For Android, any computer and smartphone is suitable. There are emulators, but this option is not suitable for permanent work and testing.

Both areas of development are promising. However, if you look at the statistics, Android, is the leader among all operating systems in the global market. It is installed on 40% of all devices. Among mobile phones, the share of Android is 70%, and iOS is 29%. Among tablets: Android – 40%, iOS – 60%.

The purchasing power of Android and iOS audiences differ as much as their popularity. But in reverse. iOS’s users are three times more likely to shop through mobile apps. However, this matters for business owners, and creators of startups. This does not affect the salaries of developers: they are on the same level.

Before choosing an operating system and making it your field of activity, it is worth getting used to IT development in general. If this is a new field for you, you can sign up for a free beginner course or learn the basics on your own. For example, there is a Harvard course “‎CS50. Fundamentals of Programming”‎ in Russian. Based on the technique that you have, select the software and language. Learn them, experiment. Try to make a few portfolio projects first, for fun. You can find customers for your trial projects among friends. Your chances of success will increase your knowledge of English (many of the materials necessary for work are written in it) and your willingness to constantly learn, and follow trends.

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There are many advantages to this option:

  •       any computer is suitable for work;
  •       large community of developers;
  •       the Java programming language can be used when writing not only mobile but also web applications, and games;
  •       not only applications for smartphones work on Android, but also for smartwatches, Smart TV, VR / AR;
  •       the development environment analyzes the code and can automatically generate some of its parts;
  •       good framework; you can find ready-made modules for a variety of purposes;
  •       the platform can be adapted to any specialized task;
  •       Android source code is open to everyone; there is the Android Open-Source Project platform, where the company publishes all the data, and developers can do it too;
  •       publication of applications on Google Play occurs almost instantly, usually without the participation of moderators – no need to wait long for confirmation;
  •       a small fee for hosting applications on Google Play ($25 once, upon registration).

What are the disadvantages?

  •       The variety of devices and their parameters creates the basis for bugs, uneven operation of the application on different smartphones;
  •       variety of versions of the operating system: unlike iOS, Android remains relevant and outdated versions can work without updates;
  •       not all training materials and answers on the forums are relevant: the system has been around for a long time, and the development nuances are changing;
  •       the application and account can be blocked without explanation, and a bot responds to complaints to technical support.


Benefits for Developers:

  •       a strictly limited number of smartphone versions, screen sizes and the operating system itself;
  •       all changes in the OS are transparent: Apple annually releases iOS app development guidelines and explains how to replace code elements with more efficient ones;
  •       fewer apps and developers, less competition.

What are the disadvantages?

  •       the work requires expensive equipment;
  •       to upload applications in the App Store, you need to renew your developer account annually for $99;
  •       publication of the application may take more than a week because the moderation is done manually.

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