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KickAss Torrents and Its Alternatives

KickAss Torrents
KickAss Torrents

Everything is connected online, nowadays. From books, to movies, one can find everything on the internet. There are many reliable websites for reading books online and watching movies online. We depend on the internet for even the smallest thing, right? From businesses to stock, from ordering food to dresses, the internet has shown its best work. Likewise, recreation now means via the internet. Gone are the days of movies in theaters. Today’s trend is watching movies on the same day of release in the house, with friends and family members. Yes!

Torrents have been popular for the past few years. Apart from movies in theaters, torrents are one of the best options for movies. If you have not used any torrents, try kickass torrent. The website is user-friendly. Kickass torrent is one such movie torrents preferred by people in abundance. You can either download files from the website or even upload files to the website for others to download. Though the website was closed during 2017, the safety measures followed were impeccable. After the shutdown, a new proxy began. 

With zero disappointments to people, the website and the management made sure that people felt safe on the website, as usual.

In this article, we will get to know everything about kickass torrent, advantages and disadvantages, usage of VPN to use KickAss torrents, and many more. Let’s get started!

KickAss Torrents

KAT- Kickass Torrent is one of the popular websites that was hitting the queue till 2016. Unfortunately, the U.S. government asked kickass torrents to go offline. You can find so many magnetic links and torrent files in kickass torrents. You can share the movie or any show’s files to your friends using BitTorrent.

Benefits of Kickass Torrent

There are many advantages of using kickass torrent websites. Let us see some of them:

1) In kickass torrent, you can download the files easily

2) Compared to other torrent websites, kickass torrents help people download files at a higher speed.

3) Do not worry if your system shuts down. You will not be asked to restart the downloading process. You can resume where you left off.

4) If one download source does not work you can choose another downloading source.

Disadvantages of Kickass Torrents:

Though there are many advantages, there are some disadvantages in using kickass torrent too. Let us see what they are:

1) If many people are downloading the same file, your IP address will be visible to everyone

2) If your file does not have seeds, you will not be able to download the certain file

3) Only after the complete files are downloaded, the user will be able to see what is all encompassed in the downloaded file. You can’t make sure that the file you are downloading will be the same you want. To make it sure that you are downloading original files, you can check the comment section, positive comments generally means that the file you are downloading is the same file you want

Is Kickass Torrent Trustworthy?

Kickass torrent is one of the best torrent websites if we compare it to other torrent sites. Kickass torrent has so many advantages; hence people are more likely attracted to kickass torrent websites compared to other torrent websites.

Kickass torrent is one of the amazing torrent websites you will find and feel satisfied.

Safety is the first factor one may look into, while finding the best torrent website. Kickass torrent assures complete safety for people who are visiting and downloading files from the website. One may face many challenges while downloading files, but you will cross through it.

Is kickass torrent legal?

Any kind of torrent sites that circulate copyrighted contents without original owners permission are not legal. 

This website has been banned by the US Govt. in July 2016 and there is no confirmed information when KickAss torrents ban will be lifted. In mid-December 2016, KickAss torrents (KAT) staff and moderators launched a website with similar features and appearance as the original under the domain name This site has been offline since July 2020.

Alternatively now you get the many good alternatives of kickass torrents.

All of us are worried about the safety concerns and legal rights. Torrenting is simply the pirated downloading of files. If one torrents any unsanctioned file, it is illegal. However, we cannot find if the file is sanctioned or not. The person might be accused. Legal actions are not taken often, but it is possible.

After the ban KickAss torrent The Pirate Bay is one of the best torrent sites and hosts a variety of contents for users to download. Visiting pirate bay is not illegal but once you open it and download a file using BitTorrents software that’s when you are downloading pirated software or movie or any kind of file that is protected through copyright. There are so many countries that are blocking access to pirate bay as well.

KickAss Torrents Proxy Sites-

There are some of the best KickAss torrents proxies that you can consider-

While using these proxy or mirror sites one thing you should keep in mind is that some torrents sites may steal your personal information if not used with caution. So, you should not share any personal information such as your credit card number and any other login credentials on the torrent sites.

Top 10 KickAss Torrents Alternatives-

As KickAss torrents (KAT) have been taken down by the US govt. Torrent lovers have found the best torrents for their torrenting needs. Here we have listed our top 10 KAT alternatives that work great.

List of best torrent websites like KickAss Torrents

  • —

If you go ahead and use any of these KAT alternatives, you must be careful that the content you are downloading is not illegal and it’s completely safe. We recommend using a good VPN (virtual private network) while visiting a torrent website.

How to safely torrent while operating kickass torrent websites?

Knowing that illegal torrenting can cause problems, one might get confused if he/she should torrent or not. Do not worry. Illegal activities are wrong. But, there are ways to stay safe and stay benefited.

One of the most trusted and easiest methods is using torrent. VPN is a varied field. Choosing the right one is important when it comes to VPN.

Things to look in a VPN for Torrenting

There are three main things that one must look for in a VPN. They are as follows:

• The VPN should not keep track of your activities.

• The VPN should not belong to a country that can access your records legally.

• A considerably fast downloading speed, meaning it should not slow down the entire downloads.

If the VPN you are using passes all the above given basic requirements, it means that you have chosen the right VPN for you.

Why use VPN for Torrenting?

If you seek torrent, VPN is a must. A VPN is required to reroute all your traffic via a secure private network. In this process, the user’s original IP address will become hidden information, and the data will get encrypted. Here, your details will not be able to get tracked by anyone, even by ISP. Also, on the other side, if you use VPN, the internet speed will slow down.


In conclusion, the Kickass torrent has reached heights, right after entering the market. Not only in its fame and name, but the kickass torrent has proven safety measures for the user too. Thus, people are more attracted to kickass torrents than other websites. Even after the shutdown, the proxy website emerged again with the trust gain back. 

People trust the website so much that the shut down didn’t even affect any. Without second thoughts, start torrenting on kickass torrent website, browse all your favorite shows and movies, download them, and watch them!

Happy torrenting!

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