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Kredittkort På Dagen – What to Know About Same-Day Credit Cards

Same-day credit cards have come to stay. The possibility of having applications for them received, processed, and possibly approved on the same day is influenced by several factors.

Chief amongst them is the positive impact of digital technology. For example, BankID has become increasingly utilized in Norway and this electronic identification and verification system has contributed to its growth. For more information on this electronic identification and verification system, you can check:

However, there is still quite a lot that people need to know about these credit cards. This is why this article is dedicated to addressing some of these things. So, ensure that you read on to stay well informed.

What Are Same-Day Credit Cards?

They offer the ease of quick review, processing, and approval (if the criteria are met). The review, processing, and possible approval are supposed to happen within the space of 24 hours or even much less.

This is as opposed to conventional options as their review process, processing, and application usually take a lot longer. To put things into perspective, it can take as much as several weeks or several days, at least, to review, process, and approve conventional options.

Fortunately, same-day credit cards have broken the time barrier. This is quite encouraging, especially considering how these payment and loan solutions can be needed on an emergency basis.

How Same-Day Credit Cards Work

In the spirit of providing timely access to the solutions and privileges that they offer, this option streamlines various processes. This includes the process of applying, approving, as well as insurance. Sequentially, here is a breakdown of how the processes play out:


Eligible people can go about their application offline or online. Offline application suggests that the applicant shows up physically at the issuer’s office.

The office is a bank branch in most cases. However, it could also be a retail location depending on the issuer’s arrangement for the location in question.

The second option, as mentioned above, is via online application, which has become more preferred over the years. This is not surprising considering that it is quicker and more convenient.

Certain details have to be provided for a successful (online or offline) application. Some of the details include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Income Information
  • Employment Details
  • SSN (Social Security Number)

The basis for requesting these and a couple of others is to ensure that identity theft is not a possibility and that the applicant is eligible enough to be issued the card. So, accurate details (as requested) must be presented.

Quick Decision

The application can either be accepted or declined, depending on several factors. Regardless, the issuer’s stance is usually communicated as soon as possible. Speaking of the factors that determine if an application will be accepted, some of them include:

Credit History

The credit history, particularly the credit score, largely determines how creditworthy an applicant is. So, it largely forms the basis for deciding if issuing the card is a good or terrible decision


An applicant’s earning capability is what determines the ability to repay a loan (if granted). This is why issuers are usually interested in finding out how much applicants earn.

Debt-to-Income Ratio

Existing debt vis-a-vis income also determines if issuers would consider an application. So, people who are not currently servicing any debt or not much stand a good chance of having their application approved.

Quick Access

Access to the credit card details is dependent on several factors. For example, some people need a physical card, which requires that the card be printed and shipped to the applicant’s address.

There is also the possibility of picking it up at the issuer’s physical office. Besides this, virtual details that enable the use of this payment solution can be sent online to a successful applicant.

It is also possible that some temporary details are sent for the time being, till permanent access is sorted out. You can visit kredittkortinfo – kredittkort på dagen for more on this subject. Furthermore, these cards (as with every other) have to be activated. Activation is usually immediate and transactions can be carried out thereafter.

Eligibility Criteria for Same-Day Credit Cards

Some applications end up declined. Failure to meet up with eligibility criteria is high on the list of reasons for this. Some of the eligibility criteria in question include the following:


Generally speaking, people below a certain age do not have the legal right to borrow money from creditors. For example, you have to be 18 years old to borrow in Norway, as stipulated in the law.

However, even this age limit is not considered sufficient enough by some creditors. For example, some Norwegian creditors would not offer them to applicants below 26 years. So, you need to find out the issuer’s requirements in this regard before tendering your application.

Residency Status

It would be discriminatory to sideline applicants that are not citizens of the country. This is why such people can apply as well.

However, this offer is not open to just any non-citizen resident. Generally speaking, the resident in question needs to have spent a reasonable amount of time in that location. Many issuers set the benchmark at three years.

Credit Score

Issuers usually have a benchmark credit score. As a result, people who have less may not be considered. So, people need to understand the requirements in this regard before applying. This will help them know if they stand a good chance of being considered.

Employment & Income

The employment and income status of applicants are usually assessed. This is understandable since these largely determine if a person can repay debts.

This is also why detailed information that sheds light on employment and income status has to be provided. This includes details such as tax returns and pay stubs.

Address Verification

Applicants are supposed to have a valid address that would be confirmed by the issuer. This is why documents that indicate the address of the applicant are one of the major details requested by issuers. This could be rental agreements or utility bills, for instance.

Debt-to-Income Ratio

The amount of existing debt determines if issuers will see their application approved. This is because existing debts increase a person’s financial commitment and debt profile.

By the way, there are situations in which people with a high debt-to-income ratio still get their applications approved. However, this usually comes with certain conditions.

More often than not, it is either of two possibilities. The first is that the applicant would only qualify for a low credit limit. This implies that the cardholder will be unable to do so much with the card in terms of making credit purchases.

The second possibility is that it will come at a very high-interest rate. This is usually not advised because it often leads to an intense debt crisis.

Payment Behavior

Some people use the terms credit history and credit score intermittently. It is worth mentioning that they are different, even though very related. In simpler terms, the score can be said to be a part of a person’s credit history.

There are other aspects of a person’s credit history besides it. Having made this clear, issuers and creditors at large do not only consider the scores when assessing the eligibility of applicants. They also consider history in areas such as:

  • Late Payment
  • Bankruptcies
  • Late Payment
  • Payment Notes

So, borrowers need to understand that their present actions impact their future fate in the financial market. This is why proper financial practices are important and should be implemented at all times.

What to Consider Before Applying for Same-Day Credit Card

The lure of being a cardholder can be hard to resist. This is because of the several benefits that come with being a cardholder of such.

Be that as it may, certain things have to be taken into consideration before deciding to apply for one. Some of your considerations should include the following:

Interest Rate & Fees

You need to evaluate the fees and interest rates that come with being a cardholder. Some of the fees that should be evaluated include:

  • Late payment charges
  • Balance transfer charges
  • Annual fees

The whole point of your evaluation should be to determine whether or not securing and using the card is worth it. This is because the cost of using some options far outweighs the gains, making them the wrong decision.

Rewards & Benefits

Some perks come with being a cardholder. You need to find out if the offered perks are worth it and relevant. This is especially vis-a-vis the cost of using them.

Credit Limit

The credit limit is how much credit line you are entitled to when you use the card. Ideally, you need something that has a reasonable limit.

This is not just so that you have access to sufficient credit lines. It is also because the percentage of credit limit used (credit utilization) impacts your score and history.

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions that bind cardholders should be thoroughly reviewed before they agree to be cardholders. This is important because cardholders would always be bound by the details in the terms and conditions. This is regardless of their knowledge or ignorance of what it is about.

By the way, there are other things to consider besides the aforementioned. You can watch this video for more information about them.


Same-day credit cards have become increasingly popular today. However, several things need to be known about them. Some of these things have been discussed here and the expectation is that you make informed decisions when it comes to applying for and using these credit cards.

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