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There are several benefits you enjoy by getting a maternity belt for back pain during your pregnancy. As the fetus starts growing, the mother’s uterus adjusts; accordingly, the changing hormones relax the ligaments of the pelvic joints. The uterus stretches out and the center of gravity shifts, weakening the stomach muscles as a result. Naturally, this causes back pain and changed posture. This post will detail all the benefits a maternity belt for back pain provides, with a focus on its use during pregnancy.

The Benefits of Maternity Belt for Back Pain

During pregnancy, a lot of women complain of experiencing back pain. It’s no surprise, as the expanding uterus is naturally going to be painful. A lot of women resort to buying a maternity belt for back pain relief. There are several reasons:

  1. It decreases lower back pain:Participating in daily activities can become increasingly difficult and almost impossible as women experience back pain with during pregnancy. As per a research paper published in Spine Journal in 2012, pelvic and back pain during pregnancy is a common occurrence. The study reported that 71% of women reported experiencing lower back pain, while 65% reported having pelvic girdle pain. A maternity belt is similar in design to a belly band, wearing which can support your baby bump as well as lower back, helping lessen your overall pain.
  2. You can use the maternity belt for back pain after pregnancy as well: Pregnancy and childbirth cause women to undergo a lot of wear and tear inside their bodies. Wearing a maternity belt for back pain encourages better spine alignment after pregnancy, easing the change as your uterus contracts to its normal, smaller size. It provides much-needed post-partum back support.
  3. It provides post-partum back pain relief: The compression straps of the maternity belt for back pain helps you redefine your waistline and take your waist back. It provides you the back support you need as you rock your newborn baby to sleep, hold them to breastfeed, and carry them around.

Lead BioCare has a complete range of maternity skin care products for women. This includes the Bell Horn’s maternity belt for back pain that reduces the strain on your tissues, offering immediate pain relief, and another maternity belt that temporarily stabilizes the pelvis.

Made of breathable, soft material, the maternity belt weighs only 5 ounces, being very easy to carry around. It is comfortable enough to be worn every day even under your dress, as it does not restrict your movement.

You can wrap the stretchable maternity belt around your belly, and adjust it as your pregnancy progresses to relieve the pain your back faces. The support can be fastened with the first strap with multilayered Velcro straps, and you can adjust it with two other straps. There are comes in variable sizes.

Maintaining good posture is even more important during pregnancy than it is in your normal routine. You can try to tuck your pelvis under and keep your upper back as straight as you can. It’s also a bad idea to keep standing in one position for too long, as that would increase the pressure your lower back experiences. Don’t slouch for a long time as you sit, either. Instead, try sitting with your pelvis tucked.

Lead BioCare has a range of maternity care products for expecting mommies-to-be! This includes a manual breast pump that has a 5-ounces milk collection bottle included in it, for those who prefer using a manual pump. For the women who don’t mind splurging, there is an electric breast pump as well, which has different suction levels to help mothers collect a higher quantity of milk. It has an efficient (BPA-free) and comfortable, pain-free, portable design. The bottom line is women can relieve the back pain they experience during pregnancy by doing a couple of exercises and stretches. However, that’s not always possible, as a lot of women don’t find the energy for it. Those who do still find that the pain doesn’t get relieved completely. Therefore, going for a customized remedy that addresses pain using multiple solutions is a good idea, one of which can be the tried-and-tested maternity belt for back pain.

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