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Leverage Your Business Brand and Sales With Microblogging

We all know how powerful blogging has been for businesses over the past two decades.

Browse any of the latest marketing advice, and you’ll get plenty of tips on how to use blogging for email marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO. The list is practically endless.

But not all of us love the idea of sitting down to write an epic 2,000-word post. And maybe the thought of a trendy podcast or quirky Tiktok video fills you with fear too.

Luckily, there’s a happy medium. And it’s called microblogging. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Microblogging?

Blogging is about 500+ word articles published on a website blog.

In contrast, microblogging is short paragraphs of content of around 50-100 words posted on a “microblogging” platform.

That’s typically a public “forum” where you can share your content with an established audience away from your website.

What Platforms Can You Use?

The most common places for microblogging are social media. You might have seen “long” posts on sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Facebook Groups.

These are essentially examples of microblogging, even if the author didn’t have this technique in mind when writing their post. Twitter also offers the opportunity for microblogging, using “threads” to write a string of posts.

Tumblr is another platform that you can use for microblogging. And for B2B businesses, LinkedIn is also a popular microblogging website.

The Benefits of Microblogging

One of the great benefits of microblogging is that you’ll see more engagement than you might with a traditional blog post.

A single, powerful paragraph read by hundreds of people on social media is likely to elicit more comments and responses than a 2,000-word website blog post.

Another benefit of microblogging is that it is quick and easy, and you don’t need a lot of writing experience.

It’s perfect if you are a busy business owner who doesn’t have the time or budget to create traditional blog posts to help build a brand quickly.

And it’s growing in popularity, with projections for Instagram future growth looking particularly promising.

How to Start Microblogging

Treat microblogging like a regular blog, and plan your content. It helps to “theme” your content so that your audience connects with you on a particular topic.

You might even want to use a content calendar to plan your posts. For the most popular social media platforms, you can write your posts in advance and schedule them to publish later.

The trick to good microblogging is learning to engage your audience when you only have one to two paragraphs to make your point.

Be succinct, and limit your microblog to creating a single straightforward argument. Avoid going off on a tangent.

Use multiple platforms to share your most engaging content far and wide. But choose websites that are appropriate for your business and your audience.

A B2C company, for example, might not get a great response on LinkedIn. And Tumblr might not be a sensible choice if your target customer is the over 60 demographic.

Start Microblogging Today

Microblogging is a fantastic marketing asset for any small business. So why not try it today and see if it can help support your business?

For more advice on using social media platforms, head to our how to section before you go.

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