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Logos, symbols, brands, how they change in the modern world


Logos change over time. This happens because the company changes its line of business, wants to look closer to the people or is trying to update its image, to appear in a new image in front of the buyer.

For example, you can look at and see how they differ. Machinery and finance, medicine and sports, music and media, in a word, everyone is trying to be remembered for something and stand out from the rest.

Why do logos change

For example:

    • Make the font more readable. Not all companies notice that a soft, rounded font looks nicer than an aggressive one with clear edges. The world gets tired of aggression, it wants peace. Yandex did this by making its logo softer and rounder. However, well-defined logos are characteristic of automotive brands. They symbolize prestige, speed and money, and there is no time for sentimentality. To buy, remember, you have to be brighter and clearer than everyone;

    • The company changed its positioning. If earlier Citymobil was associated with a taxi, now it is a platform for urban mobility. Scooter rental and car sharing made the brand change for the better. It has become brighter, clearer, perceived in a completely different way;

    • Ambitions have appeared. So the KIA brand changed the symbolism associated with a car. A symmetrical, more elongated logo looks more like a person’s personal signature than a brand icon. Perhaps it will change again, as it has become less understandable as a symbol.

The same Burger King also changed the logo to a simpler and softer one. It looks cute now, but it doesn’t call to action like it used to. A round bun with chubby letters inside. Apparently, this is done so that people associate it more with food.

Sports logos

Likewise, the logos of the national team of football players change over time. So nfl logos has become clearer, brighter, more concise over time, but has not lost its original attributes: a ball, state stars and an imitation of the colors of the American flag. Everything speaks of the team’s pride in playing in the United States. Country and football are one whole. As the team plays, so will people relate to it, and therefore to the country. Therefore, pretentiousness. The highlighting of the main idea – patriotism is always present in the logo, despite the fact that it has changed many times over the years.

The NFL logo is 24 years old and has only 8 stars left with 25 stars. The soccer ball looks three-dimensional, and the shield and lettering have been redesigned. Even though the logo has been around for so many years, it still reflects pride in their country.

Unusual logos

Now there are more unusual images. In the modern world, there are too many different companies that want to show themselves. However, in fact, there are few successful logos, and this is all because the designer does not think about what the owner of the company actually wants to get. Therefore, there is a return to engravings, which have not been taken seriously for a long time, otherwise they are trying to inscribe three-dimensional graphics, various gradients, variable fonts. It is sometimes very difficult to understand in a word from the logo what the company is doing and what the author of this logo wanted to say.

Do not forget that if the company works with foreign partners. Then the logo should be understandable to everyone, and without translation into other languages. Only an experienced designer will be able to make an image speakable, successful, which will shoot and make the brand recognizable. And for this you do not have to draw children’s pictures or, on the contrary, try to impress with perfect graphics. As you can see from the example of American football, a logo can be simple but prestigious. Therefore, it all depends on the master.

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