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Moviezwap – Download Latest Hollywood, Bollywood and Tamil Movies

Moviezwap - Downlaod Latest Hollywood, Bollywood and Tamil Movies

Watching movies have become a trend among the present generation. Thanks to the pandemic, this tech-savvy generation has plenty of leisure time to look through the bountiful options that the world of entertainment provides, movies being the most popular. What if we tell you that you do not need to go all the way to a theater to watch your favorite film nor subscribe to the costly OTT platforms? What if we tell you that there is a platform that allows you to download movies for free anytime, anywhere without even subscribing to them? How would you feel if you can watch and rewatch your favorite old movie time and again? Will that not make you feel ecstatic? It definitely will. Moviezwap is one such platform that promises to provide the facilities mentioned above to the users. 

What is Moviezwap?

Moviezwap is a website used for online viewing and downloading movies for free. It is a pirated site that allows the user to not only watch their favorite old and new movies online in gratis but also allows the user to download them to their device. As the name suggests, Moviezwap is a wap site.

What are wap sites?

Wap sites like Moviezwap, for instance, are sites made extensively for the androids or mobile phones. These sites use the WAP or the Wireless Application Protocol technology, a mandatory requirement for accessing any information on the wireless mobile network.

They are pretty small when compared to other websites viewed on the computer. The size has been chosen to make the website fit for the phone, which is somewhat smaller than a computer or a laptop. 

They are very much in use at present owing to the features mentioned below-

  • They have a neat layout and uncomplicated design, which renders them user-friendly sites.
  • The wap sites load very quickly.
  • People may or may not own a laptop or a computer, but everybody uses a mobile phone. Wap sites are very well supported by mobile phones. 
  • These sites are congenial with mobile phones, especially ones with the android. 

What is Moviezwap famous for?

Besides providing a platform for free online streaming of movies and downloading them, this website is known for allowing its user to navigate through its vast collection of Tollywood movies, i.e., Telegu cinema movies.

The second-biggest movie industry in India after Bollywood is the Tollywood movie industry.

Cons of using Moviezwap:     

Viewing or downloading, or supplying any pirated movie is a criminal offense in India as per the Copyright Act of India. Using this website goes against the interests of the copyright laws; hence one can be penalized if proven guilty of viewing or downloading movies or web series from websites like Moviezwap.

Though the chances of prosecution are quite bleak because illicit downloading of movies has been prevalent for quite a few years now, and that too in huge numbers, and no individual so far has ever been prosecuted for the same.

However, the owners or operators of these websites do stand a strong chance of prosecution if caught red-handed. But the preventive measures are taken by them, like using mirror pages or links to stay dynamic, have always helped them escape the firm grip of the law.

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How to use Moviezwap?

Should there be a problem visiting the site with the help of your server, using a VPN is recommended. Kindly follow the following steps to download the required movie-

1.     Visit the website

2.     Choose the genre of film you are looking for

3.     Lookup for the desired film on the search bar 

4.     Choose the desired movie from the options displayed after the search

5.     Click on the film you have chosen, and you will find yourself redirected to another page

6.     Press the play button and once the video starts playing, click on the download link to download the movie to your device

What are the exclusive features of Moviezwap?

1.     Availability of film in many regional languages apart from Telegu. For example, one will find Bengali, Punjabi, Malayalam movies on this website. Hollywood movies are also available.

2.     Hindi dubbed versions of the movies are also found.

3.     TV shows are available on this website.

4.     The content is well organized into a simple, user-friendly layout.

5.     Provides HD video quality besides 720p and 360p

6.     Gives the option of downloading movie from multiple servers thus allowing the user to opt for the one that suits them the best.

7.     Includes films or web series from every genre

What are some of the famous movies found on Moviezwap?

  • Shaadi Mubarak
  • Rowdy Police
  • Chakra
  • Zombie Reddy
  • Pranava
  • Salt

To name a few.

Technical cons one may face while using Moviezwap:

Besides the legal bother, there are other nuisances that one may face while using Moviezwap.

  • Clicking on any wrong link displayed on the website may direct them to a page that may make their device vulnerable to malware or virus attacks.
  • Hackers may also get hold of your device with the malicious software on these websites.
  • Obscene advertisements or job offers may be displayed on the screen, and an accidental click on them may make your phone vulnerable to hackers or other improper institutions.

How can you prevent these?

One can prevent these nuisances above by installing a good ad blocker and antivirus software on their phone. It is recommendable to cautiously click only on the main download link of the movie and not be distracted by any other plugins.

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Alternatives of Moviezwap:

In case one is unable to visit this website due to legal difficulties, one can also opt for-

  • Tamil rockers
  • Putlocker
  • Retrovision
  • Worldfree4u, etc.


Although the features and services provided by Moviezwap are very tempting, one must remember that using such sites is labeled illegal by the law. Hence, the discretion of the user is requested. Besides, visiting these sites also makes your phone susceptible to viruses or malware and creates your personal information vulnerable to hackers, which poses a threat of identity theft.

Thus, if one has to use Moviezwap, they should take proper preventive measures to protect their phone.

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