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Powerful New Web Development Features in Laravel 8

Development Features in Laravel 8
Development Features in Laravel 8

Laravel is considered to be one of the most popular PHP frameworks. Laravel have continued to make regular improvements in their functionalities and the latest version of Laravel was introduced in September which brought some really exciting features. Also, Laravel has a good number of users and more than 1.2 million websites are based on Laravel only. Laravel development company offers a suitable environment which guides rapid development, security, and guides for developers. The creator of Laravel, Taylor Otwell has announced the new features of Laravel in his Laracon presentation. 

So, now let’s have a deep look into the new and the powerful development features in Laravel 8 as companies hire dedicated developers so that they are fully aware of different functionalities of Laravel and give the best output.


1. New Version of Landing Page

For the new install, Laravel 8 has got a link with the new Laravel shop. This page is built with TailwindCSS and includes light and dark mode capabilities. It links to SaaS products and community sites by default. The homepage is displayed well with the remarkable and important changes.

2. Directory of app/models

This is one of the features incorporated by Taylor Otwell after taking inputs from the community. The artisan:make model command creates a model in the app/Models directory. The user always has an option to delete the app/Models directory.

3. Laravel Jetstream

It is a feature which allows the application scaffolding and comes with the unique features like login, registration, verification of email, following meeting, API token management, delete functionality, enrollment, session tracking, optional team management, JavaScript, two-factor authentication etc. It is a new feature released for Laravel released as an open-source package. It develops an application using Tailwind CSS and Tailwind UI

The decision of two versions of platform choices are offered by Jetstream- Livewire (TALL Stack) and InertiaJS (Vue JS). Livewire is quite a dynamic library which offers the capacity to utilize Blade templating and not to use Vue.Js which is JavaScript like structure.

4. Rate Limiting is enhanced

Various Rate limiters can be defined through the Ratelimiter façade which gives names and closure that returns with the details of limit. Also, it allows 50 requests to login the visitors across the page.

5. Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is the default paginator of Laravel. It offers a versatile framework like Bootstrap. And this shows that the utilities which are unprefixed, react on all the sizes of screen while the utilities which are focused react on specific focuses only.

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Here the predefined classes can be directly applied on the HTML document. One of the other benefits of the Tailwind CSS is that one can easily utilize the code in different conditions, and one doesn’t need to dispose of the unused styles.

6. Job Batching

In Laravel, Jobs are designated as tasks which are performed as a part of a queue to achieve something in the background. And this new feature of Job Batching allows one to perform multiple jobs together. The overall process has become smoother and the user can easily pass on all jobs into Bus::batch() function. 

7. Handling Queued Closure error

With the new Laravel, it is possible to send a closure to the queue for the process being in the background. Through Laravel 8, now one can register a call back in case the job is failed using the cache method.

8. Route Caching

The routes are compiled in a PHP array using Laravel and it is very easy to deal with. But in the new version of Laravel, this feature can be used even if one has closures as action to the routes. This ultimately increases the usage of route caching to improve the performance.

9. Model Factory Classes

In Laravel 8, the smooth production lines are currently as class-based industrial facilities, with increased support for the connections among the factories. This allows the user to oversee the object states by using various techniques. These strategies are usually called the state() strategy, which is given in the processing plant class based on Laravel. The state() technique takes in the capacity which will ultimately take in a different number of qualities  which is allotted to the processing plant.

10. Migration Squashing

Now if the user opens the migration folder, they no longer have to wait for a few minutes to look into it. In such a case, where the application consists of a number of migration files, the user can now crush or squash them into a solitary SQL document. While running the migrations, this file will be executed at priority, also it is part of the residual migration files which are not actually the part of the squashed schema file. Also, the migration blot can completely diminish the existing squashed migration which consequently improves the execution of the tests currently running.

11. Time Testing Helpers

Presently, Laravel includes the capacity to strengthen the user to control the current time. Also, user have the option to describe the time in milliseconds, days, hours etc.

12. Maintenance is improved

Already the existing Laravel includes the permit rundown of IP which one can use to get the application in upkeep mode. But this is now replaced by a sorted ‘secret’ management. Being in support mode, one can get to the application URL and by default the detour route program will be given to the user by Laravel.

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Laravel also gives the user an option to deliver in an upkeep mode which can be returned at any point of time. It is called as an option to render the maintenance mode view.

13. Dynamic Blade Component

While utilizing the in-built dynamic component the user is now able to deliver Blade components dynamically. Also, when a user wants to render the components that depend upon the value of a variable, the user can use the dynamic components.

14. Ideal for billing websites and subscription

Laravel can be considered as a suitable solution when the user wants to develop a website which requires a way of subscription or billing. It provides a unique interface for managing subscription billing services which is provided by Stripe. This actually helps to manage the different coupons and accordingly generate the invoices regularly.

15. High secure framework

Laravel is considered as one of the secured batches and offers different safety measures against various robust risks. It offers the premium safekeeping procedure for the code base and also allows the web application to perform seamlessly. It helps to secure the data and control the cross-site forgery requests as well as different kinds of SQL injections.

16. Basic Authentication

The new Laravel includes bundles of processes for basic authentication which can be very easily configured to the web pages and the related API by following a few steps only. Also, Laravel is occupied with different processes and mechanisms of authentication. It includes a variety of content providers including social networks like Facebook, GitHub, Twitter, Google.

17. Artisan tools

Artisan tool in Laravel enables the users to send the commands. Using the artisan tool, even the developer or the user can easily interact with the application which triggers different action like scheduling a job, executing different unit tests, running migration of the database.

18. Database migration

Laravel provides the suitable tool to interact openly and conveniently with the databases. This helps to explore the possibilities of formatting the database in the best possible way. The user can now easily modify the and design the database which will be suitable for the given platform.

19. Routing is simplified

Laravel enables the quick scrutiny of the website to check if it is working smoothly or not. Laravel allows you to change the website URL or link, then it can be easily changed through Laravel. This ensures the proper functioning of the website without any prior issues.

20. Template Engine

Laravel is popular among its users as it has a number of different in-built templates. And these templates are used to create amazing layout of the website and dynamic and versatile content seeding. Also, it is accompanied with several widgets like CSS and JS code. These templates are built in a very adaptive format and the developers and users utilize it to design the website in their own way using the existing unique templates.

21. Object-oriented libraries

It refers to the pre-installed libraries in Laravel and comes with several important features like resetting passwords, encryption, hashing, verifying the active users and many more other functionalities.

22. Object-Relational Mapping

It refers to the implementation of the simple PHP Active record. And the developers of the web applications can use this feature of Laravel to write the queries of the database using PHP syntax and not in SQL code. Also, ORM is quite faster than the previous PHP developers.

23. MVC Architecture support

This feature of Laravel helps to separate the basic logics of business and the layers of presentation. Also, it comes with several in-built functions which helps to improve the performance of the application overall which includes improving scalability and enhancing the level of security.


The above-mentioned multiple features itself explains the reason for the popularity of Laravel among the developers, coders, and other users.  It is a lightweight platform and helps a lot in developing a SEO friendly website with interactive interface and that too along with a template which is customized as per the requirement of business.

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