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Night vision optics and tactical helmets, What are tactical helmets?

Night vision optics and tactical helmets
Night vision optics and tactical helmets

A modern tactical helmet is an indispensable part of the combat equipment to a soldier of a military unit. It is also used by hunters and builders. This product provides complete head protection from mechanical damage, injury. This is especially true during tactical games and when performing combat missions. 

Moreover, in such matters, an ordinary helmet does worse than a tactical one. There are simpler designs and limited technical capabilities on the first product. Also, such helmets are most often made of metal. They are heavy and with a rigid head restraint system using a comforter and a belt. These products do not protect against direct bullet or shrapnel hit. But modern tactical helmets represent a complete innovation in military equipment. They are also very easy to attach to night vision optics. 

Remember that good equipment is an essential piece of equipment for any soldier or tactical gamer. In our time, it is impossible to imagine a military man without a special uniform. And helmets are an important element of it. 

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the basic technical characteristics of such products. After reading our articles, you can more easily and quickly choose the right helmet for night vision optics, depending on the tasks. 

Tactical helmets: how to choose comfort and safety

Modern models are available with different degrees of protection. They can be equipped with additional elements for attaching various devices. Most often, night vision devices and goggles are bought with them. 

Military helmets differ from each other in design and material of manufacture. Their price also depends on these factors. In combat conditions, such products are worn together with a cover (a special double-sided textile). They are made from lightweight yet durable fabrics. 

Thanks to innovative technologies, it became possible to produce body armor. They are also considered lightweight and incredibly durable. The combination of composite materials makes it possible to make products that surpass steel in their characteristics.

What product buying?

The main task that a military helmet must perform is to protect the head from blows and defeats. For fans of tactical games, simpler options are suitable. But if a helmet is needed for military purposes, we recommend you treat the purchase with maximum responsibility. 

Tactical ones should be lightweight, fire-resistant, and durable. It is desirable that it adjusts comfortably on the head. You also need to pay attention to the material of manufacture. Modern models are produced:

  • on the basis of high-modulus polyethylene (Dyneema). Products made from this material are more resistant to fractures. They are not exposed to aggressive environments and ultraviolet rays. The main disadvantages include poor resistance to high temperatures.
  • from aramid materials (heracron, kevlar, tvaron). They are very durable and have a high degree of fire protection. They have a low resistance to water, aggressive environment, and sunlight;
  • of steel and titanium. In comparison with the previous versions, this material has a rather high weight. This can be uncomfortable;
  • from ballistic nylon. It is a heavy-duty material that has excellent high-temperature resistance. Despite these advantages, it has not been widely adopted. The fact is that such material is rapidly destroyed by ultraviolet radiation.

Now you know how to choose a good tactical helmet. And we recommend buying thermal imaging optics for it on the website Here, buyers get the best price and quality of goods.

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