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Ocean Golden I Price List – New Retail and Residential Project in Noida Extension

Project in Noida Extension

The Ocean Golden I price list gives you an idea of what to expect from an apartment in this project. The cost of a unit depends on the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the amount of space it has. If you want to save money, you should opt for a smaller unit. But, keep in mind that the price of an apartment does not include the construction cost. The construction costs are not included in the price.

The project is located in a prominent location in Noida Extension, close to business and retail hubs. With great proximity to shopping centres, restaurants, and medical facilities, you will be able to reap great profits. And the best part is, the prices are competitive, so it’s a great investment opportunity. Once you’ve made up your mind, you can begin looking for units at Ocean Golden I. With an attractive price list and a high quality construction, you can be confident in purchasing a unit in this new residential and commercial project.

You can expect to pay between Rs 17,19,995 and Rs 30,295,500 for a one-bedroom office. You can also opt for a larger unit for a larger business. For more information, please visit the official website of the project. You can find the complete price list at the official website of the developer. You can also view a floor plan of the project for a better understanding of what’s included.

The Ocean Golden I price list will tell you all the amenities and features that you can expect from your new apartment. It is expected to be completed in about two to three years and is near several retail and commercial hotspots. You’ll be pleased with your investment. The project’s reputation and quality of construction will earn you a handsome profit within the next couple of years. You can also start renting your apartment at a later date.

The Ocean Golden I price list is available on the website. You can see it and select the floor that best suits your needs. The prices range from Rs 17,1995 for a first-floor office to Rs 29,995 for a second-floor office. In addition, you can also choose the floor of your choice. The prices for the different floors are available on the website. The price of the units ranges from Rs 16,19,995 to over 1 crore.

The Ocean Golden I price list is a good investment for retail space in Noida. This property is in a prime location and is close to retail and residential hotspots. The price is competitive and the benefits are many. Buying a retail space at the Ocean Golden I price list is a great way to start a new business. It will make you a huge profit within two to three years.

The location of the Ocean Golden I is convenient and enticing. The development will be completed within two to three years. This is the perfect spot for a retail space in the Noida Extension area. The area offers great connectivity to the nearby commercial hub and other areas. The price is also affordable compared to other retail properties in the area. It’s the ideal place to purchase a property. There are plenty of benefits to own a home in this project.

Whether you’re looking for retail space in Noida Extension or want to open a new office, the price list for this project is competitive. Located near several retail and residential hotspots, this complex will be an excellent choice for any business. Moreover, the prices are very competitive – it’s still early and prices will be lower in a few years. There’s no better time to buy a commercial property than now!

There are many advantages to owning a property in this project. It’s near the residential and retail hotspots in Noida. It’s close to the Noida metro station and will be completed within two to three years. The Ocean Golden I price list is an excellent investment for the future of your retail space. If you’re planning to sell or rent your own commercial space, this project’s price list will be competitive, too.

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