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The Benefits of On-Time Oil Changes

On-Time Oil Changes

Auto owners have numerous responsibilities, with oil changes being one of the most essential steps they can take. Regularly scheduled oil changes keep vehicles running, and they present a great opportunity to look for other performance issues. In this guide, we’ll go over the biggest benefits of regular oil changes.

Keeping Engines Clean

When oil flows into an engine from other parts of the vehicle, dirt and debris will inevitably come with it. If oil changes aren’t done often enough, sludge will build up inside the engine, but an oil change service will remove the debris and prevent engine damage. Contact us today for an oil change Irwindale and a cleaner, smoother running engine.

Extending Engine Lifespan

Oil is one of a vehicle’s most essential fluids. It protects and lubricates engine parts, shielding them from damage. Oil gets dirty, though, and regular changes will keep the engine clean and protected. Professional oil change services are an investment in your vehicle’s future, so don’t forget to schedule yours.

Getting Better Fuel Mileage

These days, fuel economy is one of the most important considerations a vehicle buyer can make. Various factors affect efficiency, including terrain, driving habits, and maintenance schedules. Without regular oil changes, grit and grime will build up inside the engine, creating friction and increasing the risk of mechanical failure.

Passing Emissions Tests

When drivers live in areas with emissions test requirements, oil changes are doubly important. Emissions tests are all about preventing vehicles from emitting too many hydrocarbons into the atmosphere, and regular oil changes may increase a car’s chance of passing this essential test. Dirty oil leads to internal hydrocarbon buildup, which, in turn, creates more harmful emissions. Not only do oil changes help drivers pass their emissions tests, but they also cut pollution.

Increased Engine Performance

With time, engine oil breaks down due to heat exposure. Old, degraded oil loses its viscosity and lubricant abilities. The dirtier a vehicle’s oil may be, the less likely it is to get where it needs to go. Parts covered in sludge retain heat longer, which decreases efficiency and leads to overheating. Routine oil changes keep engines clean and performing at their peak.

Pointing Out Potential Problems

During oil changes, technicians typically inspect a vehicle’s other essential components, including brakes, tires, and cooling systems. When drivers schedule oil changes regularly, it’s more likely that problems will be found while they are still manageable. Contact a service advisor to learn more about our oil change services.

Call the Pros for Fast, Efficient, and Reliable Oil Change Services

Regularly scheduled oil changes are essential to the longevity, reliability, and performance of a vehicle. Dirty oil decreases fuel economy, cuts horsepower, and ultimately reduces engine lifespan. Read your owner’s manual and schedule oil changes at the recommended interval. If you have questions about oil changes and other automotive services, we have answers. Contact one of our service advisors or call to schedule your next oil change with us.

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