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Online Real Estate Schools: How to Find the Best One for You

Are you planning to do a serious real estate business but aren’t sure what online real estate school to join?

According to Jairus Anderson, when you Google “what are the best schools to become a real estate agent?” you will be overwhelmed by the results that will show up.

There are tons of real estate schools both online and offline. However, there is no one-size-fits-all school. Different people have different preferences.

In this article, Norman Drek, a licensed real estate instructor at is going to teach you how to find the best online real estate school that will help you get the knowledge and education you need to pass your licensing exam and launch your real estate career successfully.

Read on to learn more.

Conduct Thorough Research

First things first, before you ask anyone conduct thorough research to understand the available options for the best online real estate schools.

The internet has made information readily available at our fingertips when we need it from anywhere, at any time. The good news is that Google has a database that stores almost any kind of information you’re looking for.

Head over to Google and search for the best online real estate schools and you will be overwhelmed by the results that will show up.

Read over several options and write down what sets each online real estate school from the other.

You can make a list of about four online schools then head over to the next factor.

Get Recommendations From People You Know

Do you have friends, coworkers, or family members who have joined online real estate schools? If so then these are the best people to ask for recommendations from.

The best thing about asking for recommendations from people you know is that you get options that best suit your needs. You can also ask them how they prepared for their exam.

Since you already have a list of online real estate schools you obtained during your research, make comparisons with the recommendations you get from friends, family members, and coworkers. Chances are that you will find several schools that have been recommended that you have researched.

Consider the Availability of the Courses

Most online real estate schools provide courses once you pay for them. Once you pay for the courses, you get access to classes and quizzes that you can take at any time during the course duration.

Sometimes the course can be self-paced where you can log in until the class ends. The course duration could be six months to one year after taking the class, but this depends on the school and the state you’re taking the course from.

Note that some online real estate schools aren’t self-paced. Classes are administered like in physical real estate schools where you need to show up when the course is ongoing. In most cases, classes are recorded so you can still get them even if you aren’t present during the session. The drawback of using recorded classes is that you cannot participate actively or ask questions.

Understand the History of the School

“The online real estate school you choose should have a good history of student successes,” says Robert Kulman, a professor who offers part-time classes at No matter how the school presents its courses, the last mistake you want to make is to enroll in a school just by looking at how beautiful their website is. Find out how long the school has been offering real estate courses. Determine the history of success and past students reviews.

Determine the Experience of the Instructors

Hey students; as you find online real estate schools, remember to complete your on time as well.

They say experience is the best tutor. When looking for an online real estate school, consider the experience of the instructors.

As a rule, you should join a school that offers courses taught by licensed real estate agents and brokers. These are professionals who understand what material to use when teaching aspiring real estate agents.

What is an Online Real Estate School?

If you have ever taken or read about online courses, you probably have an idea about what an online real estate school is.

Typically, an online real estate school provides learning programs purely for people interested in careers in the real estate sector. The program provides real estate agents and brokers with the knowledge they require to pursue a career in real estate.

How Much Does it Cost to Go to a Real Estate School

Online real estate schools provide courses at varied prices. Generally, the cost to join an online real estate school ranges anywhere from $119 to $900.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Real Estate Agent?

Different states have different requirements on the duration of becoming a real estate agent. However, the whole real estate agent course can be around four to six months long. The duration you will take can also depend on how long you will take to pass the real estate exam and the courses required.

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