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Opal Jewellery Care: Essential approaches to Care and Maintain Your Opal in 2024

Since you’re reading this article, you certainly know that opals are worth investing in. They are even worth more if the opals are placed on gold, silver with a good resale value. However, to achieve a long term investment with your opal jewellery, you need to learn & understand exactly how to care for it the right way.

  • Why is proper care crucial to your opals in 2024?
  • What are the most effective approaches for caring for the following opals?
    • Opal rings
    • Opal earrings
    • Gemstone opal pendants
    • Opal earrings studs

As you read on, you’ll find all you should know about the aforementioned opal care tips-related questions.

Top reasons why you should care for your opal jewellery 

  1. They are soft and delicate

Depending on the composition and formation conditions of opals, they have a hardness rating that falls between  5.0 and 6.5 on the Mohs scale. This figure shows that opals are soft gemstones that are very prone to scratching and breaking. 

Due to the delicate composition of opal jewellery, you certainly need to give your pieces proper care to keep the delicate structure well maintained for as long as you can.

  1. They are sensitive to chemicals 

According to industry experts, opals are highly sensitive to many chemicals, which are present in most everyday products. Some of these harsh chemicals include acid, detergents, and solvent.

Avoiding these chemicals will help maintain the quality of your opal jewellery pieces. It’ll also ensure you use the pieces for a longer period. Caring for your jewellery pieces the right way will help keep them away from harsh chemicals.

  1. For long-lasting investment 

As earlier mentioned, opal jewellery pieces are certainly worth investing in today. You can buy them, use them for many years, and still resell them at good rates. However, for this to happen, you need to maintain the quality of the jewellery. Here’s where the need to care for your gemstone jewellery comes into play.

With proper care, which you’ll get to understand in the next section of this post, you’ll be able to maintain the conditions of your opal and preserve them for better resale value.

Essential tips on how to care for your opal jewellery

  • Before getting involved in sports or cleaning activities at home, ensure to first remove your opal gemstone jewellery
  • Keep in mind that opals have delicate composition. They can break or scratch easily and as such, ensure to stay away from scraping or knocking the gemstone.
  • As you now know, harsh chemicals will only end up damaging the opals – so, stay away from ultrasonic cleaning agents or harsh cleaners.
  • To clean your gemstone jewellery, all you need are mild detergent, soft cloth or toothbrush,  and room temperature water. Stay away from harsh cleaners, as they have toxic chemicals that can damage your opals
  • Always inspect your opals, including their settings, regularly. If you spot scratches or notice a dull appearance, you can speak with experts at Masterpiece Jewellery regarding how to carry out professional polishing of your opal jewellery.  

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