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Overlanding Vehicles – Which Are the Best on a Budget

Overlanding Vehicles
Overlanding Vehicles

Every year, many people around Canada look for overlanding vehicles on a budget. Therefore, the first thing to note is that you aren’t alone in your search. Here are some of the best models for your needs!

Toyota Pickup

These vehicles have a fantastic reputation for a reason, and they completely transformed the overlanding niche between 1984 and 1994. While low-mileage pickups will set you back significantly, you should find some inexpensive options during your search. Since these models were made in large quantities, you should find plenty of these used trucks for sale in NB.

Also, the fact that Toyota stuck with the 22r four-cylinder drivetrain for a decade means that you shouldn’t have problems finding replacement parts (even today!).

Toyota 4Runner

If you’re looking for a slightly newer model, look no further than the Toyota 4Runner. Made between 1984 and 2009, only a reliable and loved model can exist in the market for 25 years. Just like the classic pickup, the 4Runner is capable off-road, reliable, great for a budget, and easy to repair with parts available around the world. What’s more, people also choose the 4Runner for simple maintenance and fuel economy.

If you are going to choose the 4Runner, be aware that some people dislike the lack of power (unless you have the optional V8 engine in the fourth-generation model). Also, you’ll struggle to find any with low mileage.

Subaru Outback

Sometimes, you’ll need a hybrid vehicle – overlanding adventures on the weekend and a commute into the city during the week. If so, you’re in good hands with the Subaru Outback. From the factory, it already offers seven inches of ground clearance as well as a built-in roof rack, fuel efficiency, and plenty of space inside. Compared to the two Toyota models above, you may have an issue when it comes to sourcing parts. Also, those who choose an older model won’t have the improved off-road performance that comes with the X-Mode.

This being said, the Outback is affordable, and you’ll find lots of people willing to recommend the vehicle for those on a budget.

Mitsubishi Montero

As well as the obvious suggestions, it’s important to look at vehicles that are normally overlooked because this is where you get value for money. In the overlanding niche, the most overlooked model is probably the Mitsubishi Montero (also called Shogun and Pajero elsewhere in the world). If you recognize the name, this could be because it won 12 Dakar Rally championships and 150 stages in the 1990s and 2000s.

Though the Montero is rarer than other options, you can find the odd deal from time to time. Additionally, parts are available internationally and the third-generation models have a stronger unibody build, part-time 4WD, and independent suspension.

Ford Ranger XLT

Finally, let’s finish with a model that can be found for as little as $1,000. While not the best for performance, it offers great value for money and suits those on the smallest budgets. This model has solid axles, more interior space with the ‘supercab’ models, off-road packages, and part-time 4WD. On the downside, fuel economy isn’t so great with the model and previous owners have had issues with the 5R55 automatic transmission in models made before 2005. If you need an overlanding vehicle this year and you’re on a budget, these five models are fantastic starting points. Other notable mentions include Toyota Tacoma, Ford Excursion, Toyota Sequoia, and 80 Series Toyota Land Cruiser.

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