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Paul Haarman: 7 tips on how to create great titles for your blog posts

Paul Haarman

Creating great titles for your blog posts is essential because it helps get interested from the reader to want to click on the link to read more.

1) Make it interesting or exciting

If you are having trouble creating a title, try making it exciting or interesting so that people will be drawn in right away. For example “10 ways to fix your car” sounds way more relevant than “how to fix your car”. Many times people will click on an article based on how interesting or excited they are about what’s inside the post.

2) Ask questions that make people think

Asking questions can really draw in readers and get them curious as well. People usually like getting answers to things; this is why Q&A sections are always very popular. If you are having trouble figuring out what to name your article, try opening it up by asking a question. For example “What is the most important thing you should do when attending an interview?”

3) Be specific about your topic

Being more specific than general will also help get more readers interested in wanting to click on your link and find out more. The more specific you are about what the post is about the better chance of people clicking on it. For example instead of writing “7 ways to live healthier” try making it “7 easy tips to living healthy” or “7 steps for eating healthier.” You can even play off of #2 and ask questions like; “what tip would you put first on this list?”

4) Use numbers in your titles

Using numbers in the title is also a good way to get more readers. People love numbered lists because it’s easier to read and understand, plus sometimes they are just fun! Try using “7 ways” or “5 rules” to get started.

5) Put specific keywords in your titles

If you are blogging about something that has many different aspects to it, try cleverly inserting some of the main keywords into the headline. For example, if you were blogging about handmade baby clothes, maybe something likes “How to make 5 easy DIY crochet projects for baby”. Including words like how-to or DIY can be helpful as well while writing headlines. You can also other relevant keywords that you think might be helpful in the title.

6) Write something with impact

Writing something that will make people stop and think can help get more readers interested. Like for example, “I lost 200 pounds in 4 months” might attract readers because it’s very impressive; this might even entice people to leave comments! Like I mentioned before, questions are also interesting because they often stir up valuable debate or discussion among readers, which means you’ll probably gain some valuable backlinks along the way (bonus!).

7) Don’t overdo keywords

While putting keywords in your posts is good, don’t overdo it or else you run the risk of being flagged by Google for trying to manipulate search results. It’s important to remember that using relevant keywords in your blog post titles is an important on-page SEO technique, but don’t get carried away and only try to target a few keywords.

When done effectively you can gain more exposure and an increase of traffic from search engines while also getting some great comments on the specific subject matter.

Here are some FAQs recently asked by users: Paul Haarman

How often should I publish new posts?

That’s up to you and your preferences. Some bloggers like to post five times a week while others might prefer posting just once or twice a month. The most important thing is to maintain some type of regularity so that readers will keep coming back for more.

Is half the battle with writing an article?

No! Not at all, there are many factors that go into creating great web content; doing it consistently is one of the most important things you can do. There are no shortcuts when building your readership and benefit from search traffic. Sure it would be nice if we had a magic pill but we don’t and waiting until everything’s perfect before launching your blog won’t be easy. You can’t blame Google for this (yet).

Do I need an account on WordPress and how do I start blogging?

You will first want to sign up for a free blog with WordPress. Once you have your site, click on the “Add New ” button at the top of the page and then enter your article into their article box (the box that pops up where you type in your titles and such). Then hit the Publish button that is located below it. That’s it! If you’re not sure what to write about, try using one of those 20 topic ideas we mentioned earlier as some inspiration.


Blogs are a great way to rank in Google for keywords, build links and increase your readership, says Paul Haarman. The more traffic you get the better! That being said its 100% possible to start gaining quality traffic even when just using the tips in this guide. Good luck, comment below with questions or drop us an e-mail for help on content marketing strategy.

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