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Pay Later Apps And Credit Card Services: Which Service Costs Low?

Pay Later Apps And Credit Card Services

Several purchases now pay later apps in India (BNPL) have lately emerged in the Indian market. These applications, like credit cards, provide users with an instant credit line that can be used to pay for things like utility bills, food, and shopping. This method provides a quick and easy approach for consumers to meet their daily expenses without worrying about running out of money. Let’s take a look at some of India’s best Android and iOS buy now, pay later apps.

The buy now, pay later applications (BNPL) concept, similar to credit cards, is focused on providing users with small-ticket loans in the form of a free credit line. You can spend up to a certain amount online or in-person and then reimburse yourself on the agreed-upon date with no interest or penalties.

For someone who does not have access to a credit card, buy now, pay later app services could be a terrific method to manage cash flow. However, with so many BNPL apps available, picking which one to use can be difficult. We’ve compiled a list of the best buy now pay later applications in India to make your life easier.

Zeropay: Zeropay is one of India’s most popular shop now pay later app. It gives a rapid credit line with a paperless KYC process. Their system has zero interest and zero late fees policy which makes it stand out among other BNPL apps. The app’s mission is to create a healthy credit culture for the younger generation.

Key Features of LazyPay:

  • No late fees is charged
  • KYC in just 45 seconds
  • Instant credit approval
  • Shop whenever & wherever
  • Pay in easy installments

Simpl Pay Later App: Simpl is yet another Android and iPhone app that lets you shop now and pay later app in India with a simple swipe. It could become accustomed to making direct payments on websites like Zomato, Dunzo, Rapido, Gaana, BigBasket, 1MG, and others. It also allows you to use a credit limit to pay utility bills such as prepaid and postpaid mobile, power, DTH, and broadband from within the app. It, like LazyPay, sends out regular offers and discounts to retailers.

The bill is generated twice a month with a 15-day repayment period. There are no hidden fees or charges if you make your payments on time. The best thing about the Simpl app is that you don’t need any KYC documents to begin using it.

Key Features of Simpl Pay:

  • Discounts and promotions on merchants
  • Customers who use Simpl Pay can pay online at merchants who accept Simpl Pay.
  • You will have a 15-day no-interest payback period.
  • Customers can use the credit limit given to pay utility bills.
  • The Simpl app does not require any KYC paperwork.
  • Get Simpl Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides the Simpl Pay app.

Pay Later App with Bullets: The bullet is a trustworthy postpaid UPI app from Jupiter, a modern financial platform with a shop now pay later app option. Furthermore, it provides up to $10,000 in interest-free credit for UPI payments. This credit limit can be used to pay for goods and services from online and offline merchants who accept UPI payments. The bullet pay app may become acclimated to purchasing things from Swiggy, Zomato, Amazon, Myntra, Bigbasket, and other online retailers. The bullet pay app also lets you pay bills directly from the app. It includes, among other things, cell phone recharge, energy, water, and gas bills.

Every month, on the 15th and final day of the month, a bill is generated. You have five days from the date the bill is produced to pay it. Unfortunately, the Bullet app appears to have temporarily paused the onboarding of new clients.

Key Features of the Bullet Pay Later App:

  • Customers are granted a credit limit of up to $10,000.
  • It is simple to pay online with apps such as Swiggy, Zomato, and Amazon.
  • Customers can also use bullet pay to pay for mobile recharges and other utility bills.
  • It has a 15-day no-interest payback period.
  • Amica Financial Technologies Private Ltd provides the Bullet Pay app.

Postpaid Paytm: Paytm is one of the most popular payment apps in India. Customers can also use it as a pay later app; Paytm also provides its active customers with the Paytm Postpaid option, which allows them to pay later. To activate it, go to Paytm > All Services > Loan & Credit Card > Paytm Postpaid.

The Postpaid service can be used to pay for eligible services or to make payments to partner merchants. When Postpaid is available, it will appear in the payment options right away. Recharges, Paytm Mall shopping, and other merchants from throughout India are all supported. The bill is generated every month. The amount you can spend on Postpaid is determined by your transaction history, Paytm relationship, and credit bureau credit history.

The three current options are Postpaid MINI, Postpaid LITE, and Postpaid DELETE. DELITE offers no convenience fees, but the other two have a 1-3 per cent convenience fee on total spend.

Key Features of Paytm Postpaid:

  • Customers can make payments at Paym retailers as well as online partners.
  • It is simple to pay bills or shop at Paytm Mall.
  • Paytm postpaid offers a 30-day no-interest repayment cycle.
  • Paytm postpaid gives you a maximum limit of 60,000 rupees.
  • It aids in the development of a credit score, and a convenience fee is levied on MINI and LITE vehicles.
  • Paytm provides a Paytm postpaid app (in partnership with Aditya Birla Finance, Clix Finance)

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