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Why you should go with PMI Scheduling Professional certification

PMI Scheduling Professional Certification
PMI Scheduling Professional Certification

Scheduling and planning are some of the essential keys to carrying out any work on a daily basis. Whether it’s regular household work or any project management, it needs proper scheduling to carry out in an organized manner before the deadline. Even though projects are scheduled to be completed early, half of all projects are not completed within time. According to Pulse and Professional Report in 2015, fifty percent of the projects are not completed within the decided timeframe. 

As such projects and teams continue to increase, professionals are still not able to pull it off. Therefore professionals with PMI SP certification are hired. They can decipher the process of project management and scheduling. It is needless to say that PMI- SP certification is the bone of IT. 

PMI-SP certification 

PMI-SP certification is one of the verified certifications whose demand is growing considerably. Acquiring a PMI-SP accreditation is not an easy task and certainly needs effort and time. It is a professional credential offered by PMI exclusively for project schedulers. PMI-SP is worth going for if you have advanced management and communication skills with the correct knowledge of tools and technology to build a schedule for your team.

Project schedules are essential to manage, develop, resources availability, and outcome of the project. PMI-SP is excellent if you are skilled at management, development, and maintenance and would like to learn more about project management. The PMI-SP certification will recognize your knowledge and skills and refine your skills to the fullest. 

About the PMI-SP certification exam 

Here is the available information regarding the examination if you are willing to sit for one. The certification comprises 170 multiple choice questions, which need to be completed within 3.5 hours. To maintain your good score, you must acquire 30 PDUs in each specialized topic provided by the certification every three years. PMI-SP exam is available in English but can be translated to multiple languages for non-English speakers. 

Why should you pursue the PMI-SP certification exam? 

The PMI-SP certification validates one’s uniqueness and experience on the project team while illustrating their roles identification at the same time. If you have management and maintenance skills to lead a project and are willing to learn more, PMI-SP will drive your existing skills to improved ones. 

Reputable certifications such as this one will assist you to stand out among other candidates from other management certifications or train out there. Certified PMI-SP candidates are skilled and specialized in all the necessary areas and topics of project management such as schedule strategy, planning, and development than a general practitioner. 

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Employers recruit potential candidates who are skilled and qualified to do their jobs. So a certification will validate your skill and qualifications. Certified PMI-SP candidates who specialize in every necessary topic of project management will have a higher chance of getting hired by employers. Thousands of developers and candidates trust this certification. 

Prerequisites of PMI certification exam 

There are two prerequisites for the PMI-SP exam which candidates are required to follow. If you possess either one, then you can sit for the PMI-SP certification exam. One criterion demands that the individual have any secondary degree, 40 months of scheduling experience within the last five years, and forty hours of project scheduling education. Or it would help if you acquired a four-year degree. 

Benefits of PMI-SP certification 

It is often asked by candidates who are not sure whether to take this exam or not. “What are the benefits” or “Is it worth the shot” such questions are often asked, which is reasonable. PMI-SP is undoubtedly one of the best certifications one can ask for in the future. There are many certifications, but not every one of them is worthy of taking. But PMI-SP is trusted and recommended by developers and trainers all over the world. 

It provides training and coaching on all the necessary areas and topics of project management and scheduling. Candidates are highly skilled and knowledgeable in their specialized areas. It would add value and weight to your CV or resume. Employers love certified candidates who can get their job done. 


Necessary tools and resources are sometimes not enough to secure your job. Certified credentials can validate your skills and knowledge.

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