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Practical Tips for Generating Leads Through Your Website

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According to Zippia, there were “256 million online shoppers” in the US in 2020! This staggering number means there’s an incredible amount of competition online between websites that want to generate leads in their particular industry.

If you are interested in generating leads on your website, you need a foolproof plan to get yourself established in the market. After all, what’s the point in having a website if people don’t come to check out what you’re selling?

In this post, we’re going to run through some very handy and practical tips for generating leads. Read on to get your website into a lead-generating machine!

Choose a Simple and Memorable Domain Name

Your website needs to look professional from the get-go, and one way to do this is by choosing a simple and memorable domain name. The key to creating short and memorable domain names these days is to make use of all the new domain extensions on offer.

For example, there are domain extensions like .recipe, .buy, .data, and .dad to name a few. The point is that the most popular domain names are taken when they include traditional domain extensions like .com and .net, which leaves you with a few options to find a simple and memorable domain name to create interest.

Create Lead Forms on Popular Pages

The first thing to do is analyze all your pages to see which ones are getting the most traffic. You can then add aspects to that page that are going to help draw clients to those pages.

One of the classic ways to create more lead-orientated content is to put a persuasive call to action in there. You can write these within your main text or they can be sections where, for instance, you might have a box asking people to sign up for your newsletter, get a free quote, or check out a product you are selling.

One very powerful lead form we found is one where customers can click on a button and call you directly. Here’s a link if you would like to view this product.

Utilize Live Chat

Many website platforms let you have a live chat feature nowadays. They will either be built-in or available as a plug-in and are great for getting web leads.

The great thing about live chat is that it allows customers to engage with you directly with their questions about what you offer. Once you get talking, then you’ve got an incredible opportunity to move things forward towards a sale.

Kickback Emails

Kickback emails are a great way to lure in customers for more once they’ve purchased something from you. The idea is you send a thank you email once a person buys something from you, and within that email, you promote another product or service that they might be interested in.

The conversions from these sorts of emails should be pretty high. The reason for this is that the people you send them to have already shown they are willing to part with their cash on your website.

Generating Leads the Right Way

Generating leads can be a slow process, to begin with, but you’ll be surprised how quickly they can grow when you put the right strategies in place. And we recommend you make use of kickback emails to get most of your existing customers.

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