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Raise the Roof: 5 Benefits of Drone Roof Inspections

Projections show that the global drone inspection and monitoring market will reach a value of $35.11 billion by 2030.

This growth is a direct result of the many benefits of using drones for various types of inspections. Drone roof inspections are one example that has become a popular choice over visual roof inspections. They are fast becoming the better choice for all kinds of industries.

For 5 of the main benefits of drone roof inspections, keep reading.

1. Safety

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of drone roof inspections. Whether it’s a commercial or residential roof, anyone who carried out a visual inspection will be at some degree of risk.

The amount of risk varies depending on the roof and the inspection, but the only way to eliminate the risk completely is by having no one actually go onto the roof.

Some roofs also have areas that are very difficult for a person to access, so in these cases, the difference in risk level will be significantly lowered by using a drone.

2. Detailed Data

Dones are very advanced pieces of kit with high-quality cameras. They can access all areas of a roof and provide clear information that’s easy to analyze. With drones, you can get accurate measurements of the length, area, and pitch of a roof.

Aerial inspection services even allow you to measure individual elements such as ridges, rakes, and valleys. All of this data can then be exported straight into easy-to-read files such as PDFs which can be added to CAD drawings.

3. Speed

Drones can carry out very fast inspections. The planning stage may still take as long, but from there, things are much quicker. As soon as the planning is done you can send the drone up to start the inspection.

With a visual inspection, there may be a need to prepare extra equipment, and the actual process of inspecting the entire roof would often take significantly longer.

4. Cost

The price of a roof inspection can vary quite a lot depending on certain factors. A commercial roof may have different sections, and each section might need specific equipment to access it.

Things like ladders, scaffolding, and lifts are almost always necessary, and for larger roofs, this can turn into quite a sizable expenditure. Drones, on the other hand, don’t require any of this which generally makes them a lot cheaper. You can also go for Lakeside hire that makes the these things smooth.

5. Convenience

Doing a roof inspection with a drone will generally cause zero interruptions to anyone’s daily business. This isn’t necessarily the case with a physical inspection.

A group of workers having to access a roof can interfere with other workers and potentially even customers. Clients may feel uneasy about this, so avoiding it can be beneficial for your business.

Are Drone Roof Inspections Worth It?

Drone roof inspections aren’t always essential, and may not be the best option depending on the situation. If the roof is easy to access and a full inspection can be done quickly and safely then a visual inspection might be the best choice.

The more difficult a proper inspection is, the more worthwhile it is to use a drone. They are safe, cost-efficient, and provide excellent results.

If you’re interested in reading more tech articles check out some of our other blog posts.

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