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Some Best Online Survey Builders

Surveys are usually used for evaluating opinions, attitudes, or beliefs about a significant issue, as well as for gathering information on the opinions of a population (e.g., on quality of life). To follow through with the results of a survey, the collected data may be statistically analyzed in order to reach an answer or provide other valuable insights.

Most people have a difficult time coming up with new ways to ask questions. Online survey builders make it easier for you to design surveys and get accurate data from your customers and even your target market.

What are Online Survey Builders?

Online Survey Builders can assist in conducting online surveys over the internet making your research cost-efficient and easy to complete. Most online survey tools also provide access to pre-built interview templates called ‘questions’. Researching and creating your own questionnaires can be difficult and time-consuming.

As a survey creator, today you can simply go to a website and post your survey questions. This is beneficial because you don’t have to spend hours or days searching for the right questions for the right audience. 

Survey tools are analyzed using statistical tools such as Google Analytics, BlueKai, or any other of the multiple vendors that provide access to your research data on their website. Your analytics will show you how many people have viewed your surveys and how many of those people completed them. 

Sometimes when a survey is poorly designed, it may be too difficult for even a trained interviewer to complete — this could mean an inaccurate data collection method.

Some Online Survey Builders:

There are a lot of online survey builders that you can use to create and publish your own surveys, poll, or questionnaire. A few examples are:


SurveyMonkey is a free survey builder with a paid and professional version. It is considered one of the top survey builders and has been in the game for over 15 years.

 SurveyMonkey has over 20 million users worldwide who subscribe to their platform. SurveyMonkey is a great option for creating surveys if you are working with a department that already uses Survey Monkey.


This is a free survey builder as well. SurveyKing also has paid and professional versions. The paid version of Survey King is quite expensive and does not include analytics.

Survey King also has a lot of users worldwide who subscribe to their platform. If you are looking for a free online survey builder, Survey King also provides a free option.


Wufoo is a full-service survey and questionnaire builder that can be found in the Google Apps Marketplace. Like SurveyMonkey, Wufoo is one of the top free survey builders. 

Wufoo offers multiple options including surveys that can be sent by email, hosted forms, and landing pages. It is also worth noting that Wufoo allows you to send an unlimited number of response invitations and automatically follows up with your respondents to ensure they do not forget to respond.


The survey is an essential part of the communication process. It helps you in collecting information that goes into your research topic and your dissertation. The survey tools listed above are a great way to make this possible.

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