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Sonic Frontiers has a full preview and The Callisto Protocol – has a release date

Sonic Frontiers

Many technology companies invest in cybersports teams, and large studios attract developers who create new online games. Cybersports are a popular trend in gaming. For example, this year there will be another The Internaional. This is the largest Dota 2 tournament, reports Many bookmakers are already preparing lines and thinking about quotes for the upcoming event, which will be held in the second half of 2022. One of the most decent quotes is likely to be from bookmaker 1xBet. It is more convenient to follow the odds and make bets through your phone, just install the 1xBet app.

As for the gaming industry, developers usually share information about their projects in the summer. The developers of Sonic Frontiers have released a video with a more detailed preview of the title, which was published on the IGN website.

The developers emphasized that this game is not an open-world title. They call Frontiers an “open zone”: in spite of a large expanse of space to explore, Sonic often moves along a predetermined path. According to the IGN journalist, the approach is really different from the usual open-world titles and suits the blue hedgehog well.

The developers also touched on one of the viewers’ complaints about the strange visual design, which combines a realistic environment and cartoon characters, enemies and typical elements of games about Sonic. According to the developers, the island on which most of the game will take place has been deliberately designed to be strange and mysterious. At the same time, there will be a lot of puzzles scattered on the levels, by solving which the player can learn something new about the island.

In addition to the new level structure, another feature of Frontiers will be a progression tree, previously not present in games about the blue black. With experience points, players will be able to make Sonic stronger – unlock new moves or strengthen his attacks. This will also help in battles with bosses, in battles with whom users can get special gears. These, in turn, open up access to linear levels in the spirit of classic games, for the passage of which Sonic will receive special keys that open access to the Emeralds of Chaos. What role they will play in the story has not yet been specified.

Sonic Frontiers was announced in December 2021 at The Game Awards. Then the developers noted that the novelty will provide users with an “unprecedented experience”. The game’s release is scheduled for the end of 2022. Title will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, as well as Nintendo Switch. Previously, users asked the developers to postpone the game’s release because they were dissatisfied with the Frontiers gameplay shown.

Bend Studio, known for Days Gone and the Syphon Filter series, shared an update about work. A corresponding post was published on the official PlayStation blog.

The company unveiled an updated logo that conveys the creative movement forward while also evoking the landscape of Oregon, where Bend Studio is headquartered. In addition, the developers talked about the next project. The game will not continue the existing series, but will be the beginning for a new franchise. At the same time, the developers plan to use the achievements, which first appeared in Days Gone, and add to the single player multiplayer. Other details at the time of publication the studio has not provided.

Release date for the horror The Callisto Protocol has been announced. Space Horror will be released on December 2. This was announced by the developers from Striking Distance studio in the first trailer for the game. The video was published on YouTube as part of the State of Play presentation.

Originally, it was planned that The Callisto Protocol will be part of the PUBG universe lore – its events were to take place a few hundred years after the “Battle Royale”. However, later Striking Distance head Glen Scofield said that during the development of The Callisto Protocol evolved enough to form its own world and story.

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