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Soundproofing Foams: What Are They and Their Benefit?

Soundproofing Foams

Soundproofing is more than just a decorative feature for your home or studio. It can also be helpful for your home and whatever purpose you require. These come in a mixture of shapes and sizes. Furthermore, the various types differ from one another. So, if you are curious about the different foams used for soundproofing, this article is for you. Let us look at the different types so you can choose the best one for your needs.

Five Types of Soundproof Foams

1. Wedge Foam

Wedge foam is a soundproof foam that people commonly use in homes and offices. It may not be the most suitable choice if you want to hear no external sound from your community or loud noises outside, but it is still a good deal. Furthermore, it is not the cheapest option, but it can meet your requirements. Many wedge foams are suitable for people who work from home and do not have concrete walls to prevent loud noises from entering their rooms, especially if they live in a noisy neighborhood.

2. Eggcrate Foam

Egg crate foam is an excellent choice if you’re on a tight budget. This style is trendy among artists and do-it-yourselfers. Plus, you can quickly obtain egg crates at your local market, where the cheapest can also be under ten dollars. Even though this type of foam is inexpensive, you can expect it to provide adequate soundproofing. It is inferior to wedge foam and pyramid and can only accommodate small rooms. So, purchasing egg crates can fit your needs if you live in bed space and want to save money to create soundproof areas. Consider adding fabrics or insulators to make it even more effective.

3. Pyramid Foam

The pyramid foam lives to its name, as seen in its design. This soundproof audio product has small three-dimensional triangular shapes, giving it a unique and exciting appearance. Aside from the beautiful triangular texture, this foam has some advantages and disadvantages compared to the other soundproof types you know. The pyramid one doesn’t block as much as a whole sound as those of wedges, but it’s much more effective at preventing echoes and diffusing audio. The cost is frequently comparable to or slightly higher than wedge foam, but don’t expect to pay much cash on this classification.

4. Spade Foam

If you like to go for a more aesthetic look, spade foam is the way to go. It is not as well-known as the wedge or the egg crate, but it can be an excellent addition to your aesthetic vibes. This type employs a two-rippling pattern and is frequently available in two interlocking varieties.

Regarding price, the spade foam is more expensive than the other three options we discussed earlier. A set of 2″ x 69″ x 45″ spade foam can cost up to $126.99, which is undoubtedly a hundred times more expensive than the egg crate mentioned earlier, but if your budget allows it, buying them is worth the price.

5. Acoustic Grid

You can spot this acoustic grid type in many music studios. One of the most significant edges of installing this type of soundproofing is that it is ideal for capturing bouncing sound waves and preventing them from escaping into adjacent rooms.

The price ranges between $35 and $40 per set of spades and wedges. Furthermore, the professional design ensures that you can use this soundproofing foam anywhere without covering it up, as you would with an egg crate, to make it more effective. It also has a good design, albeit a simple one, which is why most recording studios prefer to use this type of soundproof item.

The Bottom Line

Based on their ability to block excessive noises and sounds, these five soundproof foams will help you decide which to put inside your home. Always select the soundproofing option that best fits the space in question.

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