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Speed and Pedigree: Top Horse Breeds in Competitive Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the most prominent sports in the world. In a sport with speed and a tenacious physique, the best horses come from a long line of solid pedigree and generous investment in their well-being—all to become the fastest, toughest horse to bear its hooves on the racing tracks.

This article will showcase the top breeds featured in most competitive horse racing leagues. Please remember that we will showcase the best breeds based on general insights, but it doesn’t mean they can be the fastest. That said, let’s go over what makes a horse genuinely competitive. 

What Makes The Best Horse

In competitive horse racing, breeders take a lot of consideration from pedigree family trees to make an impression on the betting game, whether on TVG breeders cup odds or other events. This is for new horses to inherit their parents’ best genes and physiques. 

However, that alone is not the key to success. While there are many ways to make a horse powerful, explaining all of them deserves a separate article. Instead, we’ll condense them into three major categories influencing a horse’s competitive prowess.


As mentioned, breeders carefully consider breeding horses to inherit the best genes as much as possible. As such, many breeds we know today come from selective breeding to cultivate their best characteristics like speed, stamina, and overall toughness. 

Frequently, a horse’s lineage can tell us what kind of racer they can be and what racetrack suits them. This is the case for many horse races, as you might see in the tracks, primarily since competitive horse racing now houses various racing categories featuring tests of speed and stamina. 


Even the most gifted horse needs tremendous training to reach its full potential. Coaches invest in many training regiments to improve a horse’s natural abilities and achieve feats in the field. Consistency, discipline, and quality of training can affect a horse’s racing career and thus play a pivotal role in a professional scene.


Of course, horses are not robots; they deserve the best care from coaches and jockeys. A careful balance of nutrition, play, rest periods, and deep relationships with their caretakers further improves their physical condition. And that translates to a horse less prone to injuries, can sustain high speeds, and strenuous loyalty to its jockeys no matter the situation.

The Best Horse Breeds

The pedigrees below exemplify the lineages that create the best horses, with most bearing back-to-back champions or the industry’s powerhouses.


Thoroughbred horses are probably among the best and sought-after breeds in horse racing, with their racing categories in the most significant leagues. They dominate the industry through their consistent speed and intelligence. On top of that, they have favorable temperaments as most thoroughbred horses are generally friendly and well-disciplined under the hands of a capable trainer. 

Originally from the United Kingdom, Godolphin Bard, and Darley Arabian are notable horses under the thoroughbred pedigree.

Quarter Horse

This breed is an all-original American pedigree known for its speed throughout the industry. First originated 200 years ago, their namesake comes from the distance they usually race on, a quarter of a mile. Their short stature and powerful hindquarters characterize Quarter Horses. 

They come in shades of gray, black, brown, and chestnut. Aside from horse racing, some quarter horses are also featured in trail riding and show jumping events.


Hailing from the Arabian Peninsula, these horses are now famous worldwide, especially in histories of war and medieval culture. These horses are known to be intelligent, bearing great stamina with great mane and attractive beauty; they also have a disposition for being gentle and are highly trainable.

Given their competitive standing and beauty, Arabian horses are not just for sports but also for varied events. Arabian horses serve a huge role in special occasions like parades, showcasing, and even in movies, given from being such an eye candy to spectators. Truly a horse built for speed and beauty.


Known for their spots and attractive patterns, it is easy to see Appaloosa horses in most state fairs and tracks. These breeds are generally medium-built with an average height of 50 inches and weigh around 500 kilos as adults. 

Appaloosa horses are usually trained in English and western riding, which sets them in roping and barrel racing events, to name a few. And just like the Arabian, their beauty sets them apart, and you may see them in most parades and show jumping programs. 

Final Thoughts:

Just like racing dogs,  there are hundreds of horse species globally in the wild and domestic scene. With enough training, care, and years of selective breeding, certain breeds are born to run in dusty tracks and evolve into animals of speed and beauty. 

Although some may not be fit for competitive racing, most horses truly shine in other key areas of the spectacle. Nevertheless, horses are such beautiful breeds, and their tenacity extends the reaches of horse track racing and showmanship.

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