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Steps To Become A UX UI Designer In Delhi

UX UI Designer

You know, users abandon a Web page in 10–20 seconds.

In today’s world, people have the money but they do not have the patience or time to waste. They want the best both in terms of technology as well as convenience. They do not want to wait and expect immediate results. This kind of behaviour also holds when it comes to web surfing as well as surfing any mobile apps. They not only want an instant web response in terms of uploading but also efficiency in terms of locating the apt information and fulfilling his objective. In addition, in order to hold people’s interest for a much longer time, web pages with a clear value proposition are required. This is where User Interface (UI) and User Experience Design (UX) play an important role.

So what is UX design?

UX design stands for User Experience (UX) design and is concerned with the user’s experience of the website or apps. UX designer is responsible to research and analyze the user behaviour, his motivations, preferences, etc., and hence work to create a proficient functionality & an enchanting user flow through the structuring of varied applications, wireframing of components, and prototyping.  User Experience must be clear, convenient, intuitive, and user-friendly so as to assist the end-user to meet his requirements and thus convert him into a loyal customer.

What is UI design?

UI Design stands for User Interface (UI) Design and is concerned with the appearance as well as the interaction of the website and/or mobile app with the user. This presentation usually comprises individual pages, banners, colour schemes, buttons, graphics, typography, transitions, interface animations, etc. It is the responsibility of the UI Designer to ensure that the website, app or video game, etc. not only have fresh and visually stimulating aesthetics but also intuitive, smooth as well as logical navigation. Navigation can be of the following types:

  • Gesture-Based Interface
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Voice-Controlled Interface

UI/UX Design not only enhances brand recall, consumer satisfaction, and web traction but also assists in growing the top-line and bottom-lines of the business.


Steps To Becoming A UX UI Designer in Delhi:

  • To become a UI/UX designer, one needs to clear their class 12th exams in any discipline.
  • On completion of class 12th, the student needs to enroll in a four-year certification course in “UX/UI Communication Design & Technology”
  • In addition to the certification, it will help if you gain proficiency in design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, InDesign, etc.
  • The competency in web programming languages like HTML, XML, CSS & Java will also add to your repertoire.
  • On completion of your course at graduation level, you must do a two-year post-graduation in Interaction Design.
  • Students must not only be encouraged to think cognitively but also gain knowledge of new technologies like interactive screens, IoT, high fidelity on XD etc.
  • Students must equip themselves with exposure through internships, participation in competitions managing live projects as well as interactions with industry experts.


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