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Still a Fairytale Lover at Heart? 5 Ways to Give Your Home an Enchanting Look

Still a Fairytale Lover at Heart
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Fairy tales are usually a huge part of our childhoods and in most cases, it usually fades with the coming of adulthood. One thing we can’t deny about fairy tales is the style featured in the stories. The castles and clothes were always elegant and influenced both fashion construction today. You can keep the spark you feel about fairy tales alike by featuring some of their charm in your home. You don’t have to turn your entire house into a fairy tale castle, as you can simply implement some features. Best of all, these features will take on a modern feel, coupled with the fairy tale theme, to turn your home into something special. Some fairy tale features you can implement to give your home an enchanting look includes: 

Add a deck

One common theme in many fairy tales is a balcony where characters relax and interact and you can achieve this effect with a deck. A wooden deck also allows you to be closer to nature, another theme that is common in fairy tales. When building your wooden deck, you can have it modeled off a fairy tale design, giving it both a  fairy tale look and feel. Installing a wooden deck will require a professional deck builder. A deck builder will deliver the perfect wooden deck, with a fairy tale theme, giving your home an elegant look. While you’re at it consider renovating your siding as well and giving it a wooden nature look.

Incorporate nature

Fairy tales usually feature nature and often involve the forest or some enchanted place. While you may not be able to have a forest in your home, you can still give it a natural feel and look. Many house plants can serve this purpose and still provide many other benefits. From health benefits to aesthetic value, plants are always a great addition to any house. When choosing the plants you want to add to your home, you can look for plants that produce nice scents to help improve the atmosphere of your house. Keep in mind that some of these plants require grow lights to help them grow properly indoors. You will however need to select carefully and avoid contradicting plants. 

Use wall-length curtains

Drapes are usually used to adorn the windows but can go a long way in determining the overall feel of the house. Fairy tales usually feature drapes that cover a window and cover the entire wall, from the ceiling to the ground. The material the drapes are made of can also help to add to the value and give it a fairy tale feel. Drapes usually have designs and patterns that are also used to determine the feel of a home. By seeking drapes that match a fairy tale theme, or having one designed, you can have a fairy tale feel anywhere in your home.  

Classic furniture designs

The furniture in your home is one of the most important pieces when it comes to beautifying the home. Furniture is easily customizable to match whatever theme you are looking for in your home. Fairy tale-style furniture is usually distinct and will instantly enchant any room it is placed in. You can pick a theme from your favorite fairy tale or more than one and mix it up to achieve a unique effect. You will instantly beautify your home and make it both beautiful and illicit nostalgia from anyone who steps into the house. 


A simpler and less-expensive option to give your house a fairy tale vibe. You can simply print whatever fairy tale characters you want on wallpaper and apply them to your walls. While it may not have as powerful an effect as most of the other options on the list, it still has a similar effect. You can get creative with the wallpaper and simply have life-sized images of your favorite characters placed on the wall rather than covering the entire wall in wallpaper. The most impressive thing about using wallpapers to make your home more enchanting and fairytale-like is that you can mix as many fairy tales as you want. 


Having a fairytale-inspired enchanting home is easier than you think. Instead of letting your inner child die, and miss your childhood memories and wondrous thoughts, you can bring these memories with you. Once you have a fairytale-inspired home, you are sure to turn a few heads and exude elegance. 

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