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The 7 Key Questions to Ask a Locksmith Before You Hire Them


There can be many instances when you need help of a locksmith. You misplaced your keys and you cannot get into your home. Or, perhaps you forgot keys in the car and now you are locked out. In times like these, the first person that comes to your mind is a professional locksmith. The problems with locks and keys can put you under a lot of stress, but finding the right locksmith service provider can get even more stressful. If you end up hiring an unreliable or inexperienced locksmith, the situation will only get worse.

You might be wondering how to judge a locksmith’s experience and skills? What questions to ask them to ensure you hire a locksmith that solves your lock and key issue efficiently? Since the security of your home, office and car are at stake, it is important to be absolutely precise about your requirements and ask as many questions as you want to clear your doubts before you hire a locksmith. Here we have created a list of questions that cannot be ignored.

1 What type of services do you offer?

Before you begin digging deep into what makes an ideal locksmith, you should first inquire about what services your potential locksmith offers. Most locksmiths offer various services, including residential, automotive lock repair and installation and commercial door locks near me. You need to be sure that the locksmith you are hiring can handle the type of job you are looking to get done.

There may come a time when you want to change the locks if there is a security breach, or you may need to unlock the door when you are locked out of your car or home. So, asking this question will help you understand their experience and versatility in locksmith services.

2 Are you a licensed and insured locksmith?

This may seem an obvious question, but it is worth asking. Often, some locksmiths attempt to operate without holding proper license. If anything goes wrong, the problem will only increase. Knowing that a locksmith is licensed and certified helps reduce the fear of security concerns that may arise if the locksmith fails to do their job well. Some places provide a certification on completion of an apprentice program that qualifies them to practice the trade.

Also, make sure the locksmith has an insurance that covers the damage that might happen during the lock repair or replacement process. Asking this question will give you a peace of mind that the locksmith you are hiring is properly trained and will strictly adhere to professional ethics.

3 How many years of experience do you have?

It is easy to overthink that all locks are same and a locksmith can handle any type of lock. However, the locks, today, are more than just tumblers and bolt mechanism. They come with different security grades and involve sophisticated computer systems. Hence, it is essential to hire a locksmith who has adequate experience in offering particular locksmith near me services that you need.

Ask your locksmith how long they have been in this business and how many years of experience they hold. A long history means the company has established itself over time. Without enough experience, the locksmith can cause damage to your locks.

4 Do you provide 24/7 emergency locksmith services?

This question is important to ask as locks can breakdown anytime without prior notice. When there is a security breach in your home or you locked yourself out of your car when you have an urgent meeting to attend, you need the locksmith right away. A locksmith who allows you to get inside the building even at the oddest time of the day.

Therefore, it is important to ask a locksmith whether they offer 24/7 emergency services. Even if you don’t need emergency service right now, an emergency situation can arise anytime in the future. So, rather than rushing during that moment, it is advised that you ask this question beforehand. This will give you a peace of mind that a locksmith is readily available to help you out if you are faced with an emergency.

5 Where are you located?

The location of the locksmith is also an important consideration. Although your potential locksmith is skilled, experienced and licensed professional, what good if you have to wait an hour for him to arrive when you are locked out late at night? While it is obvious to choose a reliable locksmith even if they are farther away than a less-known one, the location should also be on top of your mind before you hire one.

Ask your potential locksmith where they are located and do they offer services in the proximity of your home and office. It is also better to ask how quickly they can reach your location during an emergency.

6 How much do you charge?

This is another critical question to ask if you don’t want to be surprised by hefty bill after availing all the services. So, be sure to ask the charges of different services offered by a locksmith before you make any decision. Get quotes from multiple locksmiths so you will get an idea of the average cost. Beware of a company that charges a lot lesser than others as they may not offer the best quality work.

Although the exact quote depends on the complexity of the problem, but asking a basic quote will help you avoid any surprises. If there is more work needed, ask about the added cost before you hire them.

7 Do you offer a warranty period of your service?

If you are spending money on repairing or installing new door locks, it is essential to ensure that your investment doesn’t go in vain. No matter how experienced or trustworthy a locksmith can be, there is a chance that there could still be issues with their work. Therefore, ask the company if they offer a guarantee or warranty of their work if anything goes wrong within a specific period after the service.

Guarantees can be of different types. Some cover parts, while some cover the actual work being carried out. Offering a guarantee means the company stands by the quality of service they offer and you can rest in confidence. If a company offers a guarantee, make sure you also ask about the warranty period.

Final Words

Asking these questions will most certainly help you identify professional locksmiths that are right for your budget and requirements. Rather than making spontaneous decisions during an emergency, take some time to research your options beforehand, so you don’t end up choosing a wrong locksmith.

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