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The author of ‘Secrets of a Secret Shopper’ highlights areas to focus on for excellent church services

Entrepreneur, author of bestselling books, coach, international speaker and a church secret shopper, all these roles are synonymous with Greg Atkinson. He has been in ministry and leadership for around three decades now and has not only written books and trained leaders but has also spoken at numerous events on hospitality and improving the experience for customers or audiences.

Greg serves as a church secret shopper for churches across the country. In fact, he has provided service for churches of all sizes, ranging from small churches to ones that can accommodate over 33,000 attendees. No matter what size or style of church one leads, Greg Atkinson wants to help the leadership do better. And that is why he has authored books specifically on this subject.

His bestselling book, ‘Secrets of a Secret Shopper’ is based on the hospitality industry, first impressions, and guest services for local churches. While it is aimed at pastors and church leaders, the book covers everything from the church’s website to restrooms and overall feel, focusing on the worship experience, including music, technology/media, and preaching. What sets him apart is the fact that Greg notices things one would never think of or might have grown too familiar with.

If you want to welcome and greet people at your church properly, you must take care of the things your guests expect when they arrive. Hence this informative book is a gift for all those who want to create a memorable experience for their church’s visitors. It is equipped with practical and tangible details that will help your teams to communicate God’s love to the people arriving at the church. The way you feel about a guest coming to your church will be reflected in how they feel about you when they walk out. Now you no longer have to think about creating a great experience, as all the secrets are in this book for your convenience.

Listed below are some areas that Greg Atkinson highlights in the book in order to focus on excellent church services.

Online presence

Church’s online presence is extremely important, including its website as well as social media use. Greg shares that the easily comprehendible content, engagement with the users and user-friendly interface are all part of an excellent experience for people interested in coming to your church.


After the website, the church’s first impression starts in the parking lot; hence it needs to be spacious and easily accessible from the front gate. This might seem a little insignificant but getting a good parking spot matters.

First impressions

Remember, the first 10 minutes are important to make a lasting impression. So, before a guest takes their seat in the auditorium, they have already made up their mind whether or not they will return. The ushers or front desk officers should be hospitable and welcoming to the visitors.


No one wants to get lost in a church. That’s why it is imperative to post clearly defined directions on main entranceways in order to guide visitors. This will help avoid confusion among people.

Children’s Ministry 

Somewhere in the first five to 10 minutes, a new young family will drop off their kids in your children’s ministry. What they see and experience will determine if they return or not.


If your families, kids, staff, pastor and guests aren’t safe, then no one will want to return to your church. We are all just one tragic incident away from something unthinkable. Hence, proper security is imperative, and one should not ignore it.

All these points form the overall experience and feel of the church visitor. From parking to signage to a welcome note and security, everything counts when people are visiting their local church – it can make or break one’s impression. There may be certain things that church leaders don’t even think about and focus on the element of worship or sermon. However, these little things contribute to the overall church experience.

The positive side for church leaders is that they don’t have to research, get survey forms filled or talk to the visitors to understand what’s needed to create a welcoming experience. All they need is Greg Atkinson’s bestselling book, ‘Secrets of a Secret Shopper’, where he has amalgamated his years of study and experiences into a book for the convenience of church leaders and pastors. All you have to do is get a copy and update yourself as well as your church with his tried and tested ideas and strategies.

Have a good time creating the best experience for your church visitors!

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