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The Warrior X 4 high lumens tactical flashlight

Meet the Warrior X4 tactical flashlight, a cutting-edge lighting solution that stands out with its remarkable performance. Boasting an impressive 2600 lumens and a beam distance of 630 meters, this rechargeable powerhouse is designed to meet the most demanding situations. Its stainless steel strike bezel and tail switch offer ruggedness and reliability, providing a tactical advantage in any scenario. With MCC and Type-C charging options, the Warrior X4 ensures versatile and convenient recharging. The power indicator keeps you informed of the remaining battery level, while the programming function allows you to customize your experience. Whether for patrol, hunting, or household use, the Warrior X4 is your ultimate lighting companion.


Long Battery Life: 

A large-capacity rechargeable battery is included with the Warrior X 4 to enable prolonged use. This flashlight will consistently illuminate the area for a considerable amount of time, so you won’t need to charge it as often.

Durable Construction: 

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the Warrior X4 features a robust build. Its construction is designed to withstand harsh conditions and impact, making it a reliable tool for outdoor activities, professional use, and emergency situations.

Versatile Beam Settings: 

With the flashlight’s various beam settings, you may customise the light to meet your unique needs. The Warrior X4 has you covered whether you need a wide beam for close-quarters work or a concentrated, long-range beam for outdoor exploration.

Compact Sized Portability: 

Even with its strong performance, the Warrior X4 is lightweight and portable. It makes sure you always have access to a dependable source of light when you need it by fitting it securely in your belt, or carrying it in a holster.

Design Resistant to Water: 

The flashlight is shielded from the weather by its water-resistant construction. The Warrior X4 continues to function whether you’re caught in the rain while out on an outdoor adventure or require a dependable light source in damp weather.

User-Friendly Interface: 

The user interface of the flashlight is made to be straightforward and simple to use. You can rapidly switch between modes, change brightness, and utilise the flashlight’s additional functions thanks to its straightforward operation.

Heat Dissipation Technology:

 To maintain optimal performance and protect the flashlight from overheating, the Warrior X4 incorporates advanced heat dissipation technology. This ensures that the flashlight remains cool and efficient during prolonged use.

Sturdy Holster Included: 

The package includes a sturdy holster for convenient carrying and quick access to the flashlight. The holster is designed to enhance usability and provide a secure storage solution.

Broad Variety of Uses: 

Among its many uses are various household tasks, police enforcement, trekking, camping, and search and rescue operations. The Warrior X4 is a multifunctional instrument. Its adaptability makes it the ideal companion in many circumstances.

The Warrior X4 Tactical Flashlight is an excellent choice for anyone searching for a dependable, efficient lighting solution due to its unique combination of features. With the Warrior X4, your needs as an outdoor enthusiast, professional, or simply someone searching for a reliable flashlight for daily usage will be precisely and efficiently met.


In the realm of illumination, the Warrior X4 Tactical Flashlight is a discovery that redefines what we can anticipate from a flashlight. Its remarkable performance during my testing truly astounded me; with a maximum output of 2,600 lumens and a beam distance of 630 metres, it makes sure that even the darkest places are clearly illuminated. The dual charging technology of the Warrior X4 is what makes it unique; it supports both a concealed Type-C charging connection and an MCC (Magnetic Charging Cable). This flexibility guarantees that you can conveniently recharge it at home or on the go.

The redesigned tail switch, enhanced by Nano Molding Technology, provides an unparalleled level of precision. It allows for clear differentiation between light and heavy presses, simplifying cleaning and ensuring long-term reliability. Customization is another strong suit of the Warrior X4, allowing users to select between regular and tactical modes, with the latter offering a strobe function for added versatility in signalling and emergency situations.

The tri-colour battery indicator is a minor but useful feature that makes sure you’re always ready by enabling you to quickly check the amount of battery left. The flashlight’s big capacity rechargeable battery minimises the requirement for frequent recharging by enabling longer use between charges. It’s an excellent choice for both outdoor enthusiasts and professionals due to its robust design that protects against impacts and adverse conditions.

The Warrior X4’s adjustable beam settings allow you to customise it to meet your requirements, whether you need a focused beam for long-distance illumination or a broad beam for applications requiring close-up illumination. The flashlight is compact and light, making it simple to carry around in a pocket or holster despite its powerful performance. 


What is the maximum output of the Warrior X4 Tactical Flashlight?

The Warrior X4 offers a remarkable maximum output of 2,600 lumens, providing a brilliantly bright beam.

How far can the Warrior X4 beam reach?

This flashlight has an impressive beam distance of 630 meters, making it ideal for long-range illumination.

What is the peak beam intensity of the Warrior X4?

The peak beam intensity of the Warrior X4 is 99,310 candela, ensuring a concentrated and powerful light beam.

How can I charge the Warrior X4 Tactical Flashlight?

You can charge the flashlight through two methods: MCC (Magnetic Charging Cable) and a hidden Type-C charging port, providing convenient and versatile charging options.


In conclusion, one of the best examples of modern illumination technology is the Warrior X4 Tactical Flashlight. Its outstanding functionality, adaptable features, and sturdy design make it a priceless tool for a variety of uses. The Warrior X 4 makes sure you have the light you need whether you’re going into the great outdoors, working on a project for work, or being ready for an emergency. You are in charge thanks to its precise tail switch, modifiable modes, and long-lasting battery life. This flashlight provides dependability and simplicity of use in any setting thanks to its water-resistant build and user-friendly interface. Your reliable ally in the dark is the Warrior X4.

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