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Tips and Tricks for beginners to level up in New World game

Every amateur player wants to know how to increase their level in games and for New World, there are some really easy steps. So we have out together for you a few basic tips and tricks that will help you level up as a beginner. Let us see what they are.

  • Resting points

Whenever you are done playing for the day and wish to log out, always make sure that your character is in a settlement instead of mid-field. The characters rest in settlements and outhouses and the resting time adds up bonus points. So you will get XP bonus simply for resting when you come back. Now that’s a really easy way, isn’t it?

  • Complete quests

There are auction shops in town. You can buy required items from these shops. The Town Project Board have a number of quests lined up daily. Make sure to complete the quests using the items from the auction store and you will be able to level up faster. Each completed quest will rewards points to add up to your level.

  • Side quests

Apart from the main quests that you simply have to complete in order to proceed in the game, there are also a number of side quests. These keep popping up along the way. Completing them as you move ahead can ensure a few brownie points that will help you level up faster in the game.

  • Contribute to other player’s fights

Here’s another way of new world powerleveling. If another player is battling a monster, hit the monster once in order to get XP as well as weapon mastery. Do not worry about stealing their credit as they will get their own XP and weapon mastery for defeating the monster in the end, so yours will be a fair contribution without harming their progress.

  • Faction quests

Your respective New World Faction representatives will have faction missions. Finish these to gain more XP. Also these missions are in accordance with the area you are in. If you are in a higher region, then you will naturally gain more XP. In case of any daily bonuses available in the faction board, you will be getting bonus XP, so that’s a plus too.

  • Build your town standing

You can increase the amount of XP in a particular area and get a bonus for completing quests too. For this to happen, the first step, however, is to build your town standing. This ensures a faster levelling up experience as your progress in the game.

  • PvP Combat

Engaging in PvP Combat is probably the most commonly known and obvious way to level up in the game.

  • Efficient means of travel

Aeternum is a vastly spread out land and so the missions and quests are also scattered. To make the best of these quests and level up faster, you will need to travel from one quest to another faster. As there are no mountains in the area, this is easily possible by choosing New World’s fast travel options. By reducing travel time, you will reach quests faster and save time and also level up much faster.

  • Pick up documents along the way

Consider documents with a blue glow to be your friends. Along the way, you will come across paper bits, books, scrolls, etc. Make sure to collect them. So you can either read them right away or save it for later, but either ways, the document will be added to your journal and in turn XP will added to your level. The basic XP rate for document is 40 but it will increase by 10 after every 10 documents that you collect. So keep an eye out for them.

With these tips you can easily level up faster than you usually would. Quicker levelling up adds to the motivation and excitement while playing the game and keeps the players engaged. So do try these out and have a great time playing.

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