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Top 4 best open source call center software

Top 4 best open source call center

Call center software is a software that technically supports the call centers an employees to give their customers good experience. Because everyone knows that the customer satisfaction should be prioritized and you two companies poor service layer servers are wrong customer executives assigned to solve their problems will definitely impact negatively on them. in this kind of situation the call center software introduced which are easy to use and operate but powerful and productive enough to manage all the problems by itself. these software reduces the workload of workers and increase the efficiency of the result. It is usually used by managers administrators or agents of the company. This software is the call centers through different applications and tools. They can easily change and modify the app according to their use to easily add new customers. the software aids them by managing calling system, transferring call, recording customers calls, analyzing customer data and reports, helping in telecommunication, monitoring the calls, managing center metrics, conduct the staff regulations, secure new customers, Address their problems, etc.

There are many software that give you all these services In very low cost or free of cost but you would not able to find them by yourself so this article is just here to serve you for this reason. We will discuss top 4 call center Software and all details about them in this article. So let’s proceed!!

What things to consider while choosing an open source call center software?

 So you should know what things should must be present in the software that will help you in future to increase your business, so note that the following feature should not be skipped.

1. Easy to use

Easy to use it should be easy to use because they don’t have much time to first understand and then solve their customers problem the customer will be fed up if the employee will not serve them properly

  • Type of software

 there are four different types of call center software so you should check out which one will fit on your need. They will vary in their working type, terms of value, usability, terms of implementation etc.

Those four software are:

Cloud based call center

 Hosted call center software

On-premise call center software.

Browser based call center software

  • Hardware support

You should also check about the hardware support of the software. Prefer the software which has minimal hardware requirements.

 Why to use the call center software?

There are many reasons to make you use the call center software because there is more benefit for a company to use a call center instead of many more employees.

  • The software will provide Technical Support
  • It will provide customer care and add new customers to the business
  • It will offer you all the services in low price otherwise you have to hire more employees
  • The guaranteed work will be provided
  • Many services in low price
  • It increases the productivity of your company by its variety of services.

Top 4 best open source call centers:

Now we are going to have discussion and conversation about the best call center software for your business. I will discuss about the features, pros and cones and even the pricing plans of each software. Read it properly and then choose according to your business requirement.

1. ViCidial

ViCidial is very popular software used by millions of people. it has more than 800 installation in many industries. It will serve in different type of fields including banking  IT, Education, etc. Out of 5 it has the ratings of 4.7. You can even customize the software by yourself. It has 16 different languages. The most amazing thing about ViCidial is that it has graphical user interface.


  • Scheduling
  • Voicemail detection
  • Third party verification
  • Works without any specific hardware
  • Predictive dialer
  • Call recording
  • Automated reports
  • Automatic call distribution


  • Improve the sales of agent
  • Sends prerecord messages to multiple people
  • Save your time
  • Lowers the acquisition cost


  • You will find a little complex to use initially

2. Pricing plans

Start up: it costs 19.99 dollars per month and is valid for five users

Standard:  17.99 dollars per month for 10 users

Business: 15.99 dollars per month for 20 users but the price will be according to your per need.

  • Bitrix 24

Bitrix software is much appreciated for small businesses because it solves your daily routine task very nicely and accurately. It has almost 30 tools to aid and help your workload. It provides you a platform to make your contacts satisfied, happy and fairly served. It can be used for computers, laptops, Android and iOS mobiles. This software is amazingly developed with cloud storage. Most specifically it has sound tracking and broadcasting features also.

More features

  • Caller ID
  • Virtual PBX
  • IVR
  • Multi channeling
  • Call recording
  • Social networks
  • Free collaborations
  • Call routing


  • Virtual assistance facility is provided
  • Facilities of automatic dialers employ extensions turbo calling, etc.
  • Monthly data and analytics


  • Not suitable for huge business and marketing
  • Complex schedules of automated notification
  • The applications in mobiles are fewer than PC.

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 3. pricing plans

 free: 0$

Special:  It varies from $24 dollars  to $59 per month for 2 to 24 users.

Business: $99 to $199 per month for 50 to unlimited users

 On-premise plans:

Britrix CRM it costs almost $1040

Business the price for business plan is $2990

Enterprise It costs about $24,990

  • Asterisk

This software is also most used software among people which provides amazing features to make your communication best. This software is mainly used for communication purposes and it has many languages which powers IP PBX system. It is used worldwide by different call centers, SMBs, Enterprises and even government. It also gives you free VOIP software.

More features

  • Call reading, forwarding, monetizing, queuing, routing, and transfer.
  • Caller ID blocking
  • Conference
  • VOIP gateways
  • Dial by names
  • Blacklists
  • Call retrieval
  • Interactive voice response
  • Authentication
  • Do not disturb


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Option to customize everything by yourself


  • Difficult to set up the services
  • Difficult to find the solution further issues

4. Pricing plans

Basic: The cost for basic plan starts from 0.02 dollars per minute without setup fee.

Standard: It costs around 22.95 dollars.

  • Ekiga

This software provides you free SIP address which allows you to do audio and video call to anyone anywhere in the world having the SIP address. It also allows you to do messages, conference calling and the most appealing feature is that it is very easy to use.

 More features

  • Call history
  • HD sound quality
  • Auto call answers
  • Detection on silence by algorithm
  • Advance address book
  • Call hold transfer and forwarding
  • Echo cancellation


  • You can use voice over IP
  • It is easy to install
  • Easy and simple to use


  • It doesn’t have account configuration system
  • lacks some important functions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Call center software?

Call center software act are actually developed to assist the call centers by automating the flow of incoming an outgoing calls, answering the questions, creating prerecorded greetings, Menu options, Communication tasks, and much more by phone calls, Emails, Messages, SMS texts, live chat and social media.

Q: What is the difference between Contact center and Call center?

Both are quite similar to each other but the main difference between both of the centers is that the call centers are inbound into telephone based communication system only while the contact centers also use other mediums for their business.

Q: Is call center a customer service?

No, It is not customer service because call centers solves the customer’s problem on the phone calls. They provide the all of the services during the phone calls.

While the customer service provide the support to the client before, after and during the purchase of the service and the product.

Q: What is difference between inbound and outbound call center?

On inbound calls centers the company does not have to call the customers. Instead the customers call to the call centers by themselves. And on the other hand outbound call centers  itself calls to the potential and existing clients.


Now you have the options so you can choose any one of them according to your personal needs.

You should know that the  customer is a king in a business and should be treated like a king to make the client a permanent customer.

And these software will give your  business modern technologies with guaranteed work. As you know machines do less mistakes than humans do.

In this modern time everyone has latest and best services. So in order to compete with those people and make your place in the market you should work wisely and use best techniques to add new customers to your business and after adding them make them your permanent clients.

Go further and choose one of the software for your business. If it helps you in anyway or serves fairly then do appreciate our hard work!!!

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