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Top iOS Apps for 2024 and Beyond

iOS is one of the best operating systems available for smartphone users. Developed by Apple, it offers around twenty million apps in different niches for all Apple smart devices like iPhones, iPads, iPods, Apple Watches, and MacBooks, available on App Store.

Like Android, some apps are developed with state-of-the-art technology, and some are entirely dud.

Going into 2024 with iOS smart apps

Apple was the first mobile manufacturing company to develop a smartphone, namely iPhone. Over time, it developed iPhones into technological beasts that changed the world.

Today, the latest iPhones are considered the technological marvels that have enhanced our lifestyles.

The iPhone app store contains some of the best applications users need to stay connected with their family, friends, and professional contacts.

The right app on your iPhone can easily make your life easier, as you can run your office and social life from it.

You can watch a movie on your phone, and video calls someone from your social circle, design presentations, play games, and do much more.

Many renowned app and software development companies are constantly developing something for users to make their life more convenient.

However, looking for the best app on the app store can be challenging, which is why this guide will help our esteemed readers to download the best app for their iPhones.

With so many apps to choose from in iOS App Store, you must be very careful and choosy.

In this article, our mobile app development company new york researchers have come up with some of the most suitable apps in specific categories that they think every iPhone user must need in their iPhones in 2024.

So, learn about these apps and make sure you have downloaded them.


Browsers enable users to browse websites and information on search engines. We are going to discuss two browsers in this list.


Safari is the premium choice of every iPhone user for browsing the internet. It has many features and also has a lot of uploads and download speeds.

It also offers internet security, privacy, and other convenient built-in features.

With a unique user interface, Safari makes browsing the World Wide Web much more enjoyable.


Firefox is one of the best browsers available on the iOS App Store. It offers a clean, fast, and safe interface to browse your favorite websites on your iPhone.

With a good range of extensions and foolproof security for data protection, it is one of the best choices available for download.

Mozilla Firefox on iPhone can also be synced with your desktop device for a better user experience.

Social Media Apps

Social Media platform and their apps have revolutionized 21st-century social reach. It is highly recommended to download at least the following social media apps on your iPhone for better social life.


Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the digital world.

Since its inception on the world wide web, it took no time to transition into an app for mobile phones to cater to user demand, and now its focus of development is based on app technology.

Developed by Meta, the Facebook app on an iPhone must enhance social presence and connections.

The world is always within reach if your iPhone has a Facebook app and account.


Twitter is a social media app on iOS App Store. Although we suggest that this app is not for everyone, users can still use it in some capacity.

They can get the latest news and trends and see what is hot in the market. Twitter can also be used for marketing and branding purposes.

If you want to keep yourself updated, Twitter is your app.


Instagram was made for sharing pictures with friends, family, and contacts.

It grew into a massive platform with the potential to make stars out of ordinary people.

Today, there are a lot of freelance individuals who are running their accounts successfully for paid promotions and marketing.

Instagram has become a source of finance for many people from different industries.

Apart from the finance part, it is still a very constructive social app for anyone.

Music and Video Entertainment

Music is one of the most creative and entertaining industries. It helps us cherish many lives, and with iPhones in our hands, your favorite songs are just one click away.

Find out the best music and entertainment apps available on iOS for download.


Soundly has revolutionized the music-loving world. Created by a renowned custom software and mobile app development company Houston , Soundly offers all the hit songs of your favorite artists.

You can easily make customized playlists with your favorite tracks, upload music, show love to your favorite artists, and enjoy music in the best way.


YouTube is a video-sharing platform where you can find videos on almost everything.

With over 800 million videos for users, it is the largest video-sharing platform in the digital world.

From song and lyric videos of your favorite artist to documentaries, independent channels, short movies, infographic shows, and much more, this app should be downloaded by every iPhone user through App Store.

Social and Professional communication

The primary purpose of every smartphone is communication. But things have changed a lot, and today the primary function of every iPhone is social connectivity through multiple applications.

Following are some social apps we highly recommend you download from App Store.


WhatsApp has become the primary source of communication for every smartphone user.

It is owned by Meta, the same company that owns Facebook and Instagram; it allows you to send messages, videos, pictures, video chats, data transfer, conduct business and do so much more.

This app changed the whole structure of communication all around the world.


LinkedIn is one of the best platforms on the App Store where you can create business and career-oriented profiles and find a suitable job that matches your skill set and qualification.

It can be said that LinkedIn is a kind of digital resume where a user can mention their skills, educational background, work experience, and certifications to enhance their chances of getting a job.

You can also use it to acquire freelance work and expand your professional circle.

Streaming service

Apps that offer streaming services have a wide range of shows, movies, documentaries, and seasons for users to watch.

There are quite a few streaming service apps on the App store for you to download and subscribe.


Netflix is one of the best streaming services available on the App Store for you to download.

It has a library of countless movies, shows, documentaries, and other entertainment seasons for you to select and watch.

This app also offers a lot of features to make your experience even better.

Subscribe to Netflix, choose the number of screens, and enjoy your free time.

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