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Boiler valves are a very important part of any industrial system. The technology of these valves has seen a lot of improvement throughout the years. They have become safer and easy to use over time as they are not better equipped to handle the heat and extensive pressure from the systems. 

Uncontrolled and excess pressure is something that is responsible for a lot of explosions. Hence, boiler valves are designed keeping in mind the safety concerns by the regulatory authorities. They need to be maintained and security checks should be done regularly to ensure that they function in a safe manner.

Now, let’s talk about some of the types of boiler valves used in industries.


As the name suggests, ball valves look like a ball but function in a quarter turn way. The spherical plug in the valve is open from where water comes in the valve and then goes out from another way. The valve can be opened or closed by just rotating the ball by 90 degrees. 


Gate valves make use of sliding mechanisms to function. They are frequently used in factories in on & off conditions. These valves are mostly used in petrochemical industries as they can withstand heat and pressure without any risk of wear and tear.

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Plug Valves consist of a plug that usually looks like a cylinder. There is a straight line in the middle of the valve to make sure that it can be switched on or off easily. A plug valve is also a quarter-turn valve.


This type of valve is usually compact in form. They are popular because they require less space and can be installed easily. The mechanism of a butterfly is fairly simple yet efficient. A butterfly valve is also very good when it comes to getting wear and tear. They are sturdy and are made to last long.


Globe valves are usually used where pressure drop inside the valve is not controlling in nature. They are also used in on/off conditions usually and the liquid flows along with an S – Path. The Globe valve can be used in many configurations like tee, angle, and wye pattern.


“There are two types of diaphragm valves. These are the weir and the straight-way models.  The most popular is the weir-type because the straight-way models require additional stretching of the diaphragm, which can shorten the diaphragm’s life. The use of diaphragm valves is preferred in applications where the valve components can be isolated from the process fluid,” as per Ohio Heating.

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