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Types of Social media Content Brands Can Create To Wow Fans

Social media Content Brands
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Smart businesses are now investing more in social media to attract and engage potential customers. However, space is competitive, as a business, you must come up with unique ways to attract target customers, wow, and convert them! For starters, posting the right content should be a given in your social media strategy if you are to win their hearts and stay on top of the competition. This article explores the types of social media content that brands should post to wow fans. Let’s get started!

Use Competition and Giveaways

Competitions/contests take the fun to another level. Adding takeaways to contests makes it even smarter, and fans will love to participate. When effectively, contests and giveaways run bring immense value to your brand. It builds a strong following, creates and expands brand awareness, increases subscribers, boosts sales, and promotes more engagements.

There are many creative ways to conduct contests and giveaways. You can use sign-up, tag-a friend, follow, like, share, comment, creative video/photo, or direct message contests. Be sure to give away a valuable product to your fans.

Surveys and Questionnaires

Again, social media users are often there to have fun. Polls and questionnaires can add to that fun and effortlessly attract them to your brand. However, make them relevant, simple, clear, concise, and appealing to the fan. Take some time to understand the nature of your audience before triggering the polls/surveys/questionnaires.

You can pose questions regarding their preferences, likes and dislikes, event or product reviews, challenges, and simple opinions or experiences with your product/service.

Eye-Catchy Videos

Creative videos and images easily become the most attractive types of content to social media fans. The beauty of visual content is that they are easily understood, memorable, highly sharable, and engaging. Create a collection of eye-catchy videos relating to your brand and share them on the respective social media sites. Go a level higher and make people remember you through animated videos. Remember, creativity steals the show, and animated videos tick the boxes. The good news is that you can choose from many top-rated animation design tools. Find animation tools with pre-designed animated layouts and create eye-catchy videos for your fans.

Influencer Statements

Influencers are loved by social media fans that’s why as a brand you can use them to amplify your messaging. Posting influencer statements/quotes is another clever way to spread your brand to potential customers or clients. As you choose an influencer, make sure they are tailored to your brand and your target audience. They can help activate and convert social media audiences to customers.

Statistics and Data Visualization

Charts, graphs, and other data visualization methods tend to grab user attention faster. Statistics are good because they are factual, and people love getting facts. Provide accurate information and a way to link it back to the source for clarity. This improves trust with your fans, and they will see you as an authority.

Remember to use colors, fonts, and images that easily grab the reader’s attention. The good thing about statistics and visualization is that they are highly shareable and you can use them for other marketing strategies like SEO.

Wrapping up

With social media brand competition becoming stiffer than ever, you ought to be clever about the kind of content you create to wow your fans on social media. However, you don’t have to go far. Try the options highlighted in this article and be ready to take your social media engagement to a new level!

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Sandra Nelson has been working as a creative content writer with Outreach monk for the past three years. With professional expertise in social media writing, Sandra loves to provide her insight on latest facts and developments in the digital world.

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