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U.S. Money Reserve Reviews Say This Service Helps the Company Stand Out From Its Competitors

U.S. Money Reserve has an extensive amount of experience in the precious metals industry, spanning more than two decades and encompassing more than $2.3 billion in precious metals transactions.

The company’s stellar customer service is a critical part of its operations. U.S. Money Reserve’s Account Executives are dedicated to helping each portfolio holder formulate a personalized diversification strategy that will meet their individual needs.

The company’s commitment to effectively serving clients also includes a unique buy-back policy.

If you are not completely satisfied with your order, you can return certified coin purchases within 30 days. U.S. Money Reserve will provide a full refund, excluding shipping, handling, and insurance costs, for coins that are in their original condition and sealed container.

If you ever decide to sell a certified coin you’ve bought from U.S. Money Reserve, the company may also offer to purchase that item.

Some of the U.S. Money Reserve reviews on Homebignews Google mention these beneficial policies — including in a testimonial shared by portfolio holder Dountray D.

“I love ownership of gold,” Dountray says. “And I appreciate that they’ll [buy] it back.”

Jimmy and Lorraine R. say they asked to return an item they’d purchased from U.S. Money Reserve after their life took an unfortunate turn.

“We received our refund quicker than we could imagine,” their post on the Better Business Bureau website says. “[It is] a true-blue company with wonderful agents.”

Richard F. also unfortunately experienced a personal issue that put him in a hardship position after he received coins from the company.

“I reached out to [my Account Executive,] and he resolved the issue of returning my purchase,” Richard says in another one of the U.S. Money Reserve reviews on Google. “I wish every company had a problem solver like [my Account Executive]; we’d be so much better off in this country if there were.”

U.S. Money Reserve Says Its Best Clients Are Its Most-Educated Clients

The helpful information about precious metals the company provides — one of the key distinguishing factors that have helped it stand out in the market — is also a common theme in U.S. Money Reserve reviews.

U.S. Money Reserve, for instance, offers its extensive Knowledge Vault on its website; this contains special reports that provide precious metals research and insights, articles from the company’s team of industry experts, detailed information on how to set up a precious metals–backed individual retirement account, and other resources.

Features on the U.S. Money Reserve website are also available to help you get up to date on the latest market news, track precious metals prices, and learn about topics such as the evolution of U.S. coins through educational videos. You can also sign up for a free informational kit on gold ownership through U.S. Money Reserve’s site.

In one of the U.S. Money Reserve reviews available via the Better Business Bureau website, Edward S. says he was able to transition from a 401(k) that had been losing money to gold, which is providing a larger return on his investment, with the company’s assistance.

“Everyone has answered all my questions,” Edward says. “They seem well knowledgeable, and I feel safe and secure.”

Eric S. describes U.S. Money Reserve’s customer service as excellent — and says talking to Account Executives about his goals feels like chatting with friends or family members.

“They set the bar high in trust, patience, expertise, integrity, pricing, and rapport with their customers,” he says. “I felt comfortable and happy during the whole process, and they always had time to answer all my questions. I recommend U.S. Money Reserve…to anyone wanting to preserve their financial future.”

A Hassle-Free Experience

Other U.S. Money Reserve clients have mentioned that they appreciate not being pressured to immediately make a decision during the purchasing process.

James E. says, in one of the U.S. Money Reserve reviews posted on Google, that he was impressed when the Account Executive he spoke with didn’t mention buying anything.

“He found out my knowledge of gold, silver, etc., and what my goals were,” James says. “He also asked questions to make sure he was addressing the correct need I had at that time. I needed to get [out] of one IRA. Within one day, I had my IRA transferred and backed by [gold]. What a relief. They did exactly what I needed without trying to sell me anything.”

In one of the reviews of U.S. Money Reserve shared in 2023 on Google, Kenneth T. says the Account Executive he worked with was extremely patient.

“I’ve talked to a lot of these companies in the last year,” Kenneth says. “Not only was he [patient], [but] he [also] convinced me to call back tomorrow and make a decision. This has never happened before.”

Portfolio holder Eric L. was so pleased with his interaction with the U.S. Money Reserve Account Executive he spoke with that he made a purchase — and says he’s now considering making another.

“I [was] interested in learning about precious metals,” Eric says. “[He] explained how gold and silver in my portfolio would help anchor my portfolio against the [ups] and downs of the stock market. I appreciate his answers to many questions and the helpful information sent to my home.”

To find out more about what role precious metals might be able to play in your portfolio — and view the available inventory of certified coins and government-issued bullion, bars, and other items — visit U.S. Money Reserve’s website.

You can also call 1-888-356-7074 if you’d prefer to speak with someone about how precious metals might fit into your financial plans.

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