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UAE’s Exemplary on Women Empowerment: Consult Family Lawyers if Needed

The UAE has made a significant move towards empowering women. This is an exemplary move towards enhancing women’s rights. This step provides them with a greater level of freedom and autonomy. UAE has been a conservative country with many restrictions imposed on women. Now the United Arab Emirates recently amended its laws and regulations to provide women liberty. Now the women of the UAE enjoy greater access to facilities. They can also exercise their consent over major decision-making. Women can also consult the Emirati Family Lawyers in UAE, for getting a quick legal knowledge.

The Recent Amendments

There has been a recent amendment to medical liability law. Particularly, a focus is on easing the process of obtaining emergency abortions. Now women have access to abortions in case of emergencies. Moreover, the wife does not require the consent of his husband to proceed with the abortion. This is only possible when the mother’s life is at grave risk and danger. This is considered to be a groundbreaking change. It has empowered pregnant women to combat the risk of life. The Family Lawyers in UAE can also provide the most recent examples and knowledge on this topic. The Family Lawyers in DUBAI have to be connected with modern research and latest advancements in the Law. DUBAI Family Lawyers are known for such services, one of the reasons.

Nonetheless, it grants them greater control over their health decisions which was almost impossible in the past. Now women enjoy greater freedom over reproductive rights as compared to the past. The UAE has maintained its dignity and also respects the sanctity of life. This is a detailed article that delves into the information about the new abortion law in the UAE. Furthermore, it highlights the amendments, terms and conditions, and the implications on women’s rights. Book a legal appointment with top Emirati Advocates which can be hired at Top Law Firms in Dubai. They offer affordable fee and quality legal assistance. Top Law Firms in Dubai means the Law Firms or Law Companies who have proved their worth and service quality in past few years or decades.

Overview of the Previous Abortion Laws

  • Previously, there was a complete abortion ban. There were strict restrictions imposed on the option. UAE has severely limited abortion and also had serious penalties following any offense. 
  • Abortion was declared as a criminalized procedure in the past. Abortion was allowed in 2 different situations. Firstly, it was only permitted when a mother’s life was at stake. Moreover, in case the fetus has serious and incurable defects.
  • In these exceptional cases mentioned above, the spousal consent was compulsory. The wife needs to get guardian permission before taking up the abortion process. Furthermore, the abortion process needs to be performed within 120 days of pregnancy.

Overview of the Amendments in the Abortion Laws

  • The new amendments have been introduced. Abortion is permissible in specific cases that are clearly stated under the law. As per the changes, now the medical professionals, surgeons, or doctors are allowed to perform abortions in 2 distinct situations.
  • Firstly, the continuity of the pregnancy poses a direct threat to the life of a pregnant woman. Secondly, when there is a sufficient amount of evidence regarding the fetal deformity is ascertained.
  • Nonetheless, it is important to meet the specified conditions mentioned above. Notably, there should be due care and utmost attention needs to be given to such a sensitive issue.
  • There have been significant changes to the spousal consent. Previously, consent of the husband was mandatory to proceed with the abortion. 
  • On the other hand, the new amendments grant decision-making to the women of UAE to opt for abortion in such sensitive matters. Nevertheless, in case the woman is not in a position to give permission, then the husband or guardian will provide approval. 
  • Now the immediate surgical intervention has become secondary. The health of the woman is prioritized over the spousal consent.
  • Another significant move is the alteration or removal of the Time Limit. Previously, abortion was time-bound. Now with the groundbreaking alteration, the time restriction has been removed. This allows abortion in life-threatening scenarios irrespective of the time frame.
  • This step allows greater flexibility and feasibility to the women of the UAE. This is a compassionate approach that offers liberty to women in maintaining decision-making authority. Pregnant women enjoy the time-bound constraint that was previously placed.                                    
  • The amended laws offer additional Authority. This empowers the Cabinet to issue resolutions that determine the abortion cases. This is a provision that reflects the forward-thinking approach of the UAE towards women.
  • There has been a recognition of the medical and social factors that need to be taken into consideration. A greater level of flexibility is offered in such sensitive situations to safeguard the life of a woman.

Implications and Importance of New Law

  • The amended laws and regulations have placed a strong focus on the ethical and professional standards for medical practitioners. Medical practitioners need to perform the procedure of abortion with due diligence, care, and extra caution. 
  • This undermines the significance of utilizing adequate technologies to fulfill the process. The practitioner also needs to maintain confidentiality. There is a need to obtain informed permission to serve the purpose. 
  • The approach should be adopted to strive for the right balance between the sanctity and dignity of life. This is extended to the patients as well whose dignity, autonomy, and rights should also remain intact.

Penalties for Illegal Abortions in UAE

  • The law liberalizes access to the abortions process under certain conditions and in specified cases. Nonetheless, illegal abortions are still a criminal offense. There are stringent penalties for unauthorized abortions in the country.
  • Therefore, the individuals who are found guilty of such practices will face severe penalties. This could possibly result in imprisonment and hefty charges. The imprisonment can range from 4 to 10 years’ time. 
  • The duration of imprisonment depends upon the outcome of the abortion. The new law also explicitly prohibits abortions without any solid and sound reasons that are stated in the law.

The implication of the New Reforms concerning the Abortion Laws:

This effort has received a positive reception from the medical practitioners working in the UAE. This is termed a positive step, especially in life-threatening situations. The complicated and challenging procedure is simplified.

It directly impacts the mothers, medical practitioners, single mothers, and also society at large. The single mothers have positively welcomed the move and now they don’t need consent from male relatives or guardians.  

According to the previous law, single mothers faced serious hurdles in seeking permission before abortions. Now single mothers offer empowerment to women. It also safeguards the life of a mother.

Groundbreaking Reform and Modernization

UAE underscores the recognition of providing autonomy and independence to women over reproduction. This move grants exemplary power and solo decision-making to the women of the UAE. Reproductive rights have been extended considering the health of a woman.

The amendments made have aligned the efforts and perspective of the UAE with its vision. This effort acts as a move towards modernization and making the UAE a more tolerant society. 

Significant importance is given to the human rights, diversity, and adversity of moral values. Added, this law will be a move towards an enhanced quality of healthcare along with greater accessibility. 

This is a progressive approach towards women’s empowerment and granting them their rights to live independently. 

This significant stride paves the way for upholding women’s rights. This change reflects the UAE’s commitment and compassion towards fostering a balanced society that encourages diversity, autonomy, and respect for human rights. 

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