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Using Multimedia to Market Your Company

Multimedia To Market Your Company
Multimedia To Market Your Company

Businesses now have all sorts of media to advertise and make an impression with customers…but how do you get started? How do you make the most of photos, videos, podcasts, and all sorts of other content? You’ll find some advice in this guide!

Find Like-Minded Communities

There’s nothing more frustrating and heartbreaking than spending hours producing high-quality content and then watching as nobody engages, clicks, or shows the content any attention. You start to question your marketing strategy and whether you should give up. Rather than posting to your Facebook page and hoping for the best, it’s better to find like-minded communities who will appreciate the content. As an example, why not post to subreddits within your niche? If you sell crocheting equipment, advertise to the crochet subreddit because these are the people who will truly appreciate the multimedia you produce.

Create Genuine Content

If you’re to market your company, you need a transparent, genuine, honest approach. Don’t create a multimedia strategy to go viral because you’ll drive yourself crazy (and others too!). Instead, create content like the King Kong online marketing agency that provides answers, entertainment, or something else of value to your target market. For example, it could be an explainer video, a live video behind the scenes of your office, or an infographic to help customers choose between different products.

Send Traffic to Your Website

When using multiple types of media, it’s easy to fragment the business. You have a group of leads in one direction, a group in another direction, and there’s no universality to the system. You can change this by sending everybody to your website (if you haven’t already, this is the time to give your website a makeover and ensure that it’s ready for lots of attention!). As you probably know, it’s possible to see where all website visitors originate, so there’s no danger of confusing the statistics. For example, you might find that 5% of website visitors come from Reddit while 9% come from Flickr. If you’re to use multimedia, give it a purpose and direct traffic to your website.

Give People No Choice

What does this mean? You want people to act because they have no alternative – you’ve made something so convincing that they must sign up for your newsletter, click through to the website, or act in another way. When informing customers of special promotions and discounts, don’t think that it needs to come in the shape of a boring text social media post. Instead, create an eye-catching image or engaging video. Get people so excited that they must get involved (and make sure the CTA is clear, so people know what to do next).

Start Basic

When people see the word ‘multimedia,’ they often think of the cost involved in podcasting or video-making. You’re in luck because there’s nothing wrong with starting simple. Record a video on an iPhone, buy cheap lapel microphones, edit using free software, and use a free room in the office. You don’t need expensive equipment and studios. Over time, you might decide to invest in better equipment to improve the quality of your audience. In the beginning, however, you can start with the basics.

Remember the Audience

As you move into multimedia, the most important factor to consider is the audience. When producing all sorts of content, it’s easy to get lost and only think about what YOU want to see. Ultimately, your audience decides whether your strategy is successful, allowing their needs to lead the way. Create the content that they want (don’t be afraid to ask) and post on platforms that they use.

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