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Valorant Silver Rank Tips to Level Faster

Valorant Silver Rank Tips
Valorant Silver Rank Tips

Ranking up high in Valorant isn’t an easy thing to achieve. You will often hear people vent their frustration for the ranking system even though they love the game. However, famous Valorant esports have denied the concept that gamers get stuck in the low Elo by the valorant queuing system. According to them, players lack enough skills that are not improving and cannot level up their rank. Anybody can adopt some steps to level up their performance and rank.

Whether the statement made by esports is true or not, here are a few ways to level up your Silver Rank in Valorant. Read on and learn the best tips to level up quickly in Valorant silver rank. 

Tips to Level Up Valorant Silver Rank Faster

Playing Valorant is an exciting experience, but the thought of ranking up might seem daunting. Here are a few tips you can use to level faster: 

1. Warm-up

If you come to play the game without any warm-up, you might be down even before starting the game. Thus, warm-up is a must. It is the key to success in this game. You will find that all professionals practice this and hence you should also do it. 

There are a few methods to do this; you can either get in the shooting range and pop a few heads or choose to get on a Deathmatch. You can even spike rush games. Do any of these to keep yourself moving. Using an aim trainer such as Kovaaks or Aim Lab will be a warm-up and enhance your aim. If you want to become a pro in this game, then follow these Valorant hacks and cheats.

2. Choose whether to go solo or five-stack

If your rank is still lower, stop worrying and gather friends such as Bronze, Silver, or Gold. Bringing a few friends of the same level and queuing together is a great way to enhance your win rate. However, remember, you have to stand up against the same size stacks, and they are much more coordinated than any five players you will find in the game.

If you are a pro and always list as a topper in the leaderboards, solo queueing can be a good option. It would be quite easy to overcome the weaker teams and go high up in ranking by playing a smart game. 

3. Choose the correct agent

You need to keep in mind two things here. Firstly, the right agent for you and, secondly, the right agent for the team. They might seem to be the same thing; however, both have different meanings. Thus, it is better to learn a variety of agents. In this way, you can higher up your game and your capacity to contribute to your team’s victory.

As a game, Valorant is all about teamwork. None of you would want to be someone who insta-locks Reyna and tells your team to choose Sage. Try to be innovative and smart here. See what your teammates choose to do and which agent they select. You can even try to communicate with your team in the Agent selection team and figure out what they want to play. 

4. Avoid being toxic

This is not just for ranking up but also in general. Do not try to be toxic while you play the game. A toxic squad member is someone who is not very helpful to others. All the good players in your team will start irritated and disgusted by you since your toxicity will impact their performance. 

Also, once you get involved in a ‘toxic off’ with other players in your team, it is sure that you will be losing the game. This is because both of you will try your best to kill each other and ruin the game. 

5. Always play to win

Your perspective towards the game should always be like a winner. Never think of giving up the game even when you are losing. This will lower your confidence. Believe in comebacks and miracles. Trust that you will become victorious in every game, and you will be able to put yourself in a position to actually win the game. 


Acing any game takes hard work as well as skills. These are some crucial points you should follow to let you go higher in the current ranking system. Now that you know how to rank faster, it is time to try your hands at Valorant!

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