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Weed Wraps – What are they, and what are their benefits?


First thing first – what are weed wraps? 

If you are a weed connoisseur – you probably have tried blunt wraps, cigars, cigarillo wraps, or rolling papers. At one moment, one must face the fact that the cigar wrappers contain tobacco. While burning, they release nicotine and other harmful chemicals. 

Luckily, the weed wraps are a cleaner/safer alternative to conventional wraps, cigarillo papers, etc. so if you want to double your smoking experience without the side effects of nicotine, this guide on weed wraps is for you. 

Weed Wraps

Weed wraps saw a rise in popularity a few years back when they became readily available at tobacco and cannabis shops. 

These are a thin flat sheet of paper made from cannabis, similar to blunt wraps – the only difference is that weed wraps do not contain tobacco. The weed wraps are perfect for wrapping your cannabis or any other product of choice for a memorable smoking experience. 

Reasons for Popularity

Many online stores have different varieties of weed wraps in stock – but why are they so popular? 

Their popularity simply boils down to: 

100% Organic Material

Why go for the organic products? 

Most stoners know that there are harmful materials/chemicals in wraps and rolling papers. Being completely organic, the weed wraps do not have any toxic ingredients or adhesives. So if you are looking to enjoy a smoke but are concerned about involved risks of other wrapping paper materials, the organic weed wraps are your best bet. 

No Nicotine or Tobacco 

Wrapping papers available in the market come with added nicotine or held nicotine before being bought. With the rising popularity of the weed wraps, stoners do not have to compromise on the nicotine-tainted wraps – thus offering more flexibility to rolling products. 

Weed wraps being tobacco-free alternatives have gained immense popularity among smokers who do not prefer tobacco products. 

Selection of Aromas and Flavors

Weed wraps are available in the market both online and otherwise in an array of colors, fragrances, and flavors. 

So there is something for every palate – you can easily find a flavor, color, and fragrance that suits well to your taste. You can buy multiple flavored weed wraps, which include; 

  1. Lemon
  2. Pineapple
  3. Honey
  4. Cherry
  5. Grape and more. 

What are the advantages of using weed wraps? 

Too many to list, but we will give it a go;

The foremost benefit of a weed wrap is that these are completely organic.

For growing cannabis, normally, the plants do not need any shady herbicides, fertilizers, or pesticides, including growth hormones or any other things of the sort. 

Additionally, in contrast to toxic compounds found in the adhesive used for sealing joints/blunts, weed wraps do not have any toxic materials or added adhesives. 

Essentially, the weed wraps are a much cleaner alternative to rolling paper, wraps, or cigar papers. 

Weed Wraps Safety Corner 

Smoking and inhaling anything other than only oxygen can affect your health negatively; this rings especially true for chain smokers. If we were to compare alternatives with weed wraps, they are much healthier than rolling papers and wraps and other alternatives containing nicotine or tobacco. 

Stoners can opt for weed wraps if they are concerned about the health risks of tobacco-influenced commodities. 

We must remember here that the weed wraps are still not much safer than blunts. We are not saying that using weed wraps shall cause permanent damage, but smoking – of any kind – impacts respiratory issues while also putting carcinogens in the body. 

This is why, some states – the boring ones – discourage the sales of rolling papers and wraps along with flavored tobacco commodities. 

Weed Wraps are a connoisseur’s preferred choice. 

Buying Weed Wraps 

If you want to get your hands on the best quality weed wraps, then head off to Puff Puff Pass It. They sell an entire cool selection of weed wraps, blunt wraps and more at the most reasonable prices. You can also get rolling papers, smoking accessories, vape, pipes and more – essentially completing your entire smoking arsenal, one that is sure to rival all collections. 

If you have more questions about anything related to smoking weed, get it in touch with us now. 

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