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What Are the Benefits of Pursuing a Career in Medicine?

If anyone asked you what you wanted to become when you grew up, there’s a good chance you said a medical doctor. However, considering that there are only about 1 million licensed physicians in the U.S., it’s safe to conclude that not everyone who wanted to be a doctor actually realized their dream.

Here’s the good news: it’s not too late to pursue a career in medicine. Whether you’re fresh off high school or already in another career, there’s plenty of time to achieve your dream.

What’s more, there are major benefits that come with being a medical practitioner. Read on to learn more about what awaits you.

A Fat Paycheck

Although an increasing number of professionals want to pursue careers that give them a sense of purpose, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The pay that a career offers is still the #1 consideration for many people. Who wants to pursue a purposeful career that pays peanuts?

If we are talking money, there’s no doubt that physicians are among the most highly paid professionals in the U.S. In 2020, the median salary for doctors was $208,000 a year. The lowest earners took home $126,000.

To put this into perspective, the average annual salary is $51,000.

So, if you’re looking for a career that will give you a good shot at financial success, look no further than medicine.

A Career with a Higher Purpose

Of course, you want to pursue a career that makes you feel like you’re making a contribution to humanity. Is there any greater purpose than helping to combat the diseases that are threatening the existence of mankind?

Medicine is a noble profession. As a physician, you’re called upon to alleviate the suffering of those who are ill. Whether you’re treating the mentally disturbed or relieving the pain of the wounded, yours are selfless acts that can change the destiny of a patient.

Although medicine as a profession isn’t without its challenges, you’ll find great satisfaction in helping people.

Workplace Diversity

Thinking of the medical profession conjures images of hospitals and private clinics. While it’s true that a vast majority of doctors work in these settings, the profession does offer excellent workplace diversity.

If you’re after a more challenging work environment that keeps you on your toes, for example, you can join the armed forces, treating soldiers on the battlefields. If you’d like a more corporate setting, you can specialize in occupational health and become a company physician.

If you’d love greater control of your workplace, you can open a private medical practice. While this can be richly rewarding, it does require you to understand the business side of medicine. If your practice offers surgery, for example, you need to know what it takes to purchase surgery center equipment.

A Career in Medicine Is Worth It

You’ve multiple career options to choose from. Your choice can shape the rest of your life.

If you’ve been on the fence about pursuing a career in medicine, you now have the information to make a decision. But based on the benefits alone, it’s an easy pick.

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