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What can PEI plastic be used for?

PEI plastic
PEI plastic

If you are searching for a detailed analysis of PEI plastic, here is an amazing guide for you that you won’t find anywhere on the internet. This guide will help you to understand what is PEI plastic, its properties, and its uses.

All About PEI Plastic: What is it?

PEI is a multipurpose thermoplastic that may be utilized in a variety of applications. The material was first created by General Electric (GE) in 1982 about Ultem machining, however, it is now more generally known as PEI. PEI was chosen because of its low cost and unusual features, which make it helpful in a variety of applications.

PEI has excellent technical properties. High stiffness and strength at high temperatures, long-term heat resistance, dimensional stability, and strong electrical properties are all features of PEI.

Characteristic Features of PEI

Following are the primary characteristic features of PEI:

  • Enhanced Hydrolytic Stability
  • Increased chemical resistance
  • Electrical Conductivity
  • Resistant to UV Light
  • High weatherability
  • Increased strength

The notch sensitivity of polyetherimide necessitates increased computational temperatures. Polyetherimide sheets, in particular, have excellent mechanical characteristics that make them easy to machine and provide greater stiffness and strength when manufactured. Last but not least, PEI also stands up well in situations where steam is exposed repeatedly and for a short period. 

Uses of PEI Plastic: What is PEI Plastic used for?

Here are some of the common and important uses of PEI plastic that are worth mentioning. 

Household Items

PEI is employed in a range of home items because of its great performance and design versatility. Household products made of PEI can be reused. Microwavable bowls, kitchen appliances, ovenware, meal trays, and steam insert pans are all common examples.

Healthcare and health services

Stopcocks, instrument trays, sterilizing trays, pipettes, and dental equipment are among the reusable medical devices made using PEI. The material was chosen for its capacity to endure a variety of sterilizing processes, as well as its greater chemical resistance to most detergents, antiseptics, and lipids, transparency, and increased strength and durability.


PEI is utilized for its exceptional heat resistance in automotive lighting applications including headlight and fog light reflectors, lightbulb sockets, and bezels.

Replacing Metal

PEI is replacing metal in several structural applications because of its long-term creep resistance. In addition, because PEI is lighter than metal, part weight may be reduced significantly.


PEI bearings provide improved wear resistance and load-bearing capabilities, as well as being lower in weight, chemically resistant, and machinable. Compared to standard metal bearings, PEI bearings require less maintenance and have a longer service life.


PEI is used in vast fields including steering wheels, air and gasoline valves, and semi-structural components. PEI is a suitable choice for this industry because of its inherent flame resistance.


Because of its thermal, solvent, and flame resistance, PEI is frequently used in chemistry lab and pharmaceutical production systems manifolds, containers, and components.

Final Verdict

In short, PEI has a variety of uses that can help in several industries. What do you think of PEI plastic? Are you clear about its uses and properties? Let us know if you also have something to share.

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