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What Drones are Coming Out in 2021?

What Drones are Coming Out in 2021?

“What drones are coming out in 2021?” is a question I have been asking myself and others for quite some time now. Will the first aerial shot by an autonomous UAV be doing anything beyond being a research tool? Will it be used for military operations against terrorists?

Autonomous Vehicles

The answer may surprise you. It is probably more surprising to me than the question itself. That is because, as far as I know, there has never been an autonomous vehicle flown by a human being before. (You can call that a surprise, but I will not call it a trend if you ask me.) Still, this isn’t the only thing that holds back autonomous vehicles by FPV Stockholm.

Potential Invasion

Most of us are also concerned about privacy. Even if we aren’t worried about a potential invasion of privacy, there are still ethical questions involved here. As we move into the future, will our identities be remotely tracked and located by these autonomous systems? Will our every movement be recorded and logged by these systems? These are all concerns that leading futurists are now discussing. I don’t have all the answers, but I do know this:

Facial & License Plate Recognition

Privacy is not the only concern, however. It may come to pass that the autonomous drone takes a human life. That is one fear that we should all be aware of, especially considering the questionable precedents set by other similar technology such as facial recognition and license plate recognition. Some argue that these systems are already law and that the future of them will make it so. Others are worried about future laws that prohibit individuals from shooting down flying drones without due cause.

Law Enforcement

So, how does a drone kill someone without committing a crime? Well, as it turns out, we may be able to have a robotic drone take a person out with a single shot in the future. This would eliminate the need for police to react. It could make things much easier on law enforcement officials because they won’t have to spend resources trying to identify a criminal, then apprehend them afterward.

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Artificial Intelligence Software

Now that we have established that future uncrewed aerial vehicle operations will be autonomous, it’s time to discuss what we can do now. Well, there are two obvious options open to us. We could continue to police the skies above using radar blowers and helicopters. Or we could utilize our imaginations and the applications of artificial intelligence software to create a completely self-piloted system of aerial surveillance.

Robotic Aerial Vehicle

The first option is a better solution, especially when you consider a robotic aerial vehicle’s potential to take illegal action. It makes sense that if you are doing your best to avoid a charge of negligence, you might want to take a few precautions in the future in case a drone steals something or causes harm to an innocent individual. However, it’s probably better to hand the responsibility to a highly trained computer hacker in a case like this than to rely on human reaction time to stop a theft.

What drones are coming out in 2110? That’s a question that only you can answer. Will we see more autonomous aerial vehicles in future years? If so, will they be as good as a dog trained to grab a tennis ball and launch itself into the World Trade Center?

Robotic Snake

Probably not. What you may see instead is something much more similar, such as a robotic snake that snakes its way through the yard, picks up a cat, and throws it out the window as it goes. It’s too early to say for sure what artificial intelligent robotic vehicles will look like, but I can make some educated guesses. At the very least, they will have a more advanced form of a face recognition system, and that may very well be a step forward, even if it’s just the same old system as the rest of the human population.

Autonomous Aircraft System

Will humans be able to handle an autonomous aircraft system going 50 feet off the ground? If we were to do so, then there would be nothing that could prevent us from taking down that autonomous drone mid-air. Will we be able to operate safely inside of a moving vehicle and control that vehicle on its own? This is probably one of the biggest questions that we face as we move closer to the future. The only way to honestly know what drones are coming out in 2021 is if we get to see one.

Final Step:

If we don’t, then our minds will be challenged. Will we be able to operate safely and effectively as an autonomous entity operating with UAVs? Only time will tell, but if we haven’t seen anything yet, then it’s safe to say that we haven’t.

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