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What Ebook Design Tools Should You Use to Create a Professional & Captivating Ebook?

Ebook Design Tools
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Beyond the ebook cover, an ebook design is a work of art. The design can tell a story and set the tone for what readers can expect from your book. And for the marketplaces like Amazon Kindle or Apple Books, sales are directly increased if you have a professionally designed ebook cover.

The purpose of an eBook cover design is to entice readers and to give them some insight into what type of story they will be reading. A good eBook cover should be simple and eye-catching, with an attractive color scheme that matches the genre. It should also have a title that grabs attention and makes it clear what genre and style you fall under. The text on the cover should be easily readable at thumbnail size with no loss of legibility due to blurriness or low resolution.

There are many small tasks that needs to be taken care of, which is why I prefer using tools like Sqribble, a professional ebook designing tool that lets you use its powerful drag and drop editor, content and stock images to speed up the process.

3 Basic Steps to Creating an Engaging Ebook Design

An ebook cover is the first thing a person sees when they decide to buy or download an eBook. Thus, it is important for the cover to be designed in such a way that it makes people want to read and download the eBook.

The steps in designing an engaging e-book cover are:

  • Choosing a good color scheme
  • Finding stock photos that would go well with your theme
  • Creating a design that looks professional

Based on above criteria, we selected three tools that gets the job done for covers and ebook design, but only one tool does it all.

Ebook Design Software We Recommend


One such tool is Sqribble, which is a free ebook cover maker and generator. This software allows you to create custom book covers for your books in minutes (or as long as you need).

What I like about this software is that it has really easy-to-use templates that allow me to customize my book cover however I want. There are also other templates available for those who don’t want to customize their ebook covers themselves. The ability to create an ebook cover using this tool can help with marketing your work, especially if you’re just starting out in the world of publishing.

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Sqribble ebook creator is recommended if you want to develop marketing ebooks, guides, storybooks etc.


Canva is a free, easy-to-use graphic design software that enables anyone to create stunning visuals in just minutes. With Canva, you can create customized logos, social media graphics, banners, presentations and so much more. It has everything you need to design for print or online.

However Canva limits you to designing beautiful cover, and its not ideal for content management and designing rest of the book if its mostly textual.

Adobe InDesign for Book Design

With the help of Adobe InDesign, you can design your own book cover. You will learn how to use different tools of Adobe InDesign to create your own book cover.

Adobe InDesign is a powerful and professional design tool for publishing books with an attractive cover. It is an industry standard for print book publishing and ebook creation.

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