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What Is The Unexpected Logic Behind Area Codes?

Have you ever wondered what the surprising logic is behind area codes and their meaning? In case you have, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, many people have no idea what these numbers stand for, and thus, they end up getting wrong codes when they’re trying to enter data into computers or sending out signals to cell phones. These Area Codes are used to identify where a particular point is within a telecommunications system.

Use Of Area Code

The matter is that these codes are simply one way to differentiate between where one area code is and another one. This is done so that each call made about a particular area code will be treated as a signal coming from a different area. So, for example, if someone calls from the west coast and their call is directed to a number on the east coast, this will be treated as an east coast based area code. In the same manner, if a call is made from the northwest and directed to a number in the southeast, it would be treated as being from the southwest or northern region.

Secret Behind Area Codes

There is no secret behind why these codes were created. It just so happened that they were made at one time and have stuck around ever since. While some people believe that these codes were designed to help with telecommunication during the military era, it has been shown that they have helped with making telephone calls a lot safer than they once were. Simply put, there were many people on the streets that didn’t know how to use a telephone properly, and these codes were created as a safety net in this regard.

These particular codes are nothing more than numbers that are used to identify where telephone lines are located. However, most telephone systems also contain a database containing all telephone numbers in an area. The receptionist can access this database at the customer service desk of a certain place. Thus, if a person calls in an unfamiliar area code, the correct code will be dialled up to give the caller an answer. But, of course, no one will dial a code for a phone number that is in a completely different part of the country from where they live.

Unexpected Logic Behind Area Codes

One of the more interesting things about the unexpected logic behind area codes is that they have a purpose in this modern world. For example, whenever someone calls a telephone number in the area code where they live, the phone company will automatically route the call to that location. In other words, if someone calls in from the area code of Cedar Rapids, and their call is routed to the central office of AT&T, then it will end up being placed into the area code of Cedar Rapids. However, suppose someone calls from a different area code, such as from New York City. In that case, it will still have to go through the central office before contacting the appropriate call centre representative. The reasoning behind this is to allow every call to be processed correctly, regardless of where the call is placed.

Of course, the unexpected logic behind area codes isn’t just about making it so that all calls are correctly placed. Rather, it’s also to ensure that phone customers can receive reliable service. When people can’t place calls with consistent quality, they’ll likely begin to look for other options. With cell phones being as popular as they are, there’s no doubt that people will move onto other options if they can’t receive quality service in their area.

Importance Of Customer’s Satisfaction

Phone companies have recognized the importance of keeping their customers satisfied, and that’s why you’ll frequently see the area codes displayed on telephone screens and telephone dials. Of course, you’ll often see them on caller IDs as well. People are used to seeing them and taking them to signal that a particular phone number is important. You won’t see area codes on unlisted phone numbers, but you should still pay attention to them. In most cases, if a phone number is unlisted, you won’t easily find the information for free.


Instead, most phone companies offer a relatively small fee for phone reverse searches. You can learn a great deal about who owns a particular phone number simply by performing a reverse search. This gives you access to the name and address of the owner of a certain phone number, and you can even obtain criminal information such as to warrant searches and background checks. No matter what situation you need to call or ask for information about, it’s more convenient to know you can do so quickly and efficiently than trying to perform this type of search yourself.

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