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What kinds of flagpoles are there


Fly banners are needed to secure a variety of flags. They are poles made of metal, plastic or wood. The purpose of any of them is always the same – raising the flag with special additional means and its retention at a certain height. To facilitate such a task, the cloth is fixed on a rope. A special, simple mechanism is used to raise it to the top.


Flagpole can always be found near the buildings of public services – city councils, constitutional courts and others. Each device of this type has its own, characteristic only to him external characteristics, design features and purpose. The height of a standard metal or plastic model usually reaches 30 cm.


Existing varieties of flagpoles


When choosing, pay attention, first of all, on the ability of the structure to resist mechanical stress. For outdoor installation, it is better to order models made of wood or metal. Products used at exhibitions should look presentable and have original features.


Winder should be singled out into a separate category. It is a stand made of aluminum, designed to fix sports flags that have a characteristic curved shape. Such a mast is assembled from separate sections, so it is very convenient to transport it from one place to another. It is mainly used in the open air, that is, outdoors.


All existing flagpoles are divided into several varieties:


  • The most refined and beautiful version of this type is made of wood. They are perfect for decorating. If you place several flags next to each other at an angle, you get a very beautiful, harmonious picture. Oak lacquered flagpoles are especially durable.
  • Table ones. This is a kind of portable flagpole. It is a necessary part of attributes of any self-respecting company, which takes care of its own image and wants to make it attractive and memorable. State flags or with corporate logos support the high status of the organization, where they are installed. They are often used during business meetings and events.
  • Wall-mounted. It can also be a street flagpole, which is an important part of the decor. Now this option is actively used for information and promotional purposes, regardless of the activity of the company or the goods it sells. When mounting a flag on the wall, a special kind is used – a facade flagpole.
  • Usually made of metal. They include several separate elements, which are connected with the help of bushings. Such products are particularly resistant to mechanical stress and corrosion. They are also available in a wide range of sizes.

There are also car and telescopic varieties. The first variant is especially convenient for fixing on the glass of the car. After using such a material on the surface of the glass, there will definitely be no scratches. Due to the tip, the stability and durability of the construction is ensured.


At sports competitions and exhibitions, during street parades, special products called telescopic products are used. It is also a mobile flagpole, capable of changing the working height within the parameters set by the customer. So, it is very easy and convenient to manage.

When folded, it has compact dimensions, so transportation and installation costs are low. These flagpoles are chosen more often than others within the scope of the application, due to their ease and accessibility.


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