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What the Digital Age Has Done To Globalization and Why It Matters

What the Digital Age Has Done To Globalization and Why It Matters

The use of advanced technology has helped make the world around us move faster and more swiftly than ever before. The advent of science and technology has spontaneously supported the growth and development of various industries and uplifted the living standards of people worldwide.  


From putting an end to poverty to promoting sustainable work outputs, there is no end to the advantages that one can reap with the help of digital technologies. Digital technologies can grow almost anywhere, from your office space to escape room businesses. It successively ties together the world as a whole unit.  

In this article, let us look at how the rapidly evolving digital age has affected globalization and how it matters in the first place. So, check it out:  

How does the digital age impact globalization?

The idea of digital technologies is not only restricted to using your laptop or smartphone. Instead, it extends to encompassing how these technologies are created and utilized in the world around them. The use of digital technologies has proven effective in improving ideas, people, money, and resources to flow from one end of the globe to the other faster than earlier. Further, it has made interactions between different cultures, governments, and economies more wholesome than earlier.  

While there are various ways in which the digital age has impacted globalization, let us look at a few crucial ones and understand why it matters at all: 

  • It makes running a business a swift process.

Thanks to the digital age, the whole world has become one unit. Thus, it has offered several opportunities for businesses to flourish and expand their reach. It is now no hassle to run their businesses either nationally or internationally.  

One can indulge in business relations with almost anyone present anywhere across the globe! Business leaders need not wait for a third party anymore and directly contact the required personnel to indulge in business.  

  • Foreign courses are in your hands!

With the help of digital technologies, it is now possible for students to sit at home and sign up for foreign courses from top universities online! It is now easy for you to come across various exciting and top-notch courses offered by different universities in foreign countries.  

Thus, one no longer needs to travel to a foreign country to sign up for a required course. Instead, students can benefit from the same course from the comfort of their homes and earn their degree online! Consequently, students can save up much of their money which they would have otherwise spent on accommodation, travel expenses, etc. Hence, the evolution of the digital age has done wonders in changing the worldview of education and making it accessible to all.  

  • Transparency in global markets

The development of the digital era has helped make the flow of data and transmission of information a more seamless process than ever before. The use of digital platforms has created more efficient and transparent global markets for prospective businesses. Consequently, it is now easy for all those far-flung buyers and sellers to meet each other in just a few clicks!  

Furthermore, the zero marginal costs of digital modes of communication and transactions have opened up new opportunities for global businesses. Thus, it is now no hassle for prospective businesses to run swiftly across borders with more efficiency than earlier.  

  • It evolves the systems used in traditional businesses.

The growth and development of digital systems have enabled prospective businesses to make good use of them in evolving how the business functions. Over the last two decades, one can note how different businesses have built digital platforms to run their functions online.  

The use of digital systems has enabled businesses to manage their suppliers, connect with their potential customers and also enable effective communication. It has also helped make internal communication amongst employees stationed in different parts of the world easier than one could have ever imagined!  

  • It makes stronger global connections possible!

In response to the growing reliance of businesses on digital systems, one can note the rise of several public Internet platforms to help people connect globally. From operating systems and social media networks to digital media platforms and e-commerce sites, the digital age has revolutionized the entire online marketplace!  

Further, the use of automation technologies and various advanced algorithms has helped businesses to drive the marginal costs of adding new interactions practically to zero. It has also facilitated the digital platforms to support the hundreds of millions of global users! Users worldwide can now view the details of different products, services, prices, etc., with just a few clicks. Hence, there are no longer any information asymmetries, allowing global markets to function coherently.  

  • The rise of SMEs as micro-multinationals and digital startups in the digital world.  

Small and Medium-sized enterprises have also benefitted much from the rapidly evolving digital age. They have started using the advanced infrastructure offered by advanced digital technologies to put themselves in the global markets. It has consequently ushered an enormous customer base to their doorstep and increased their profits more than ever before.  

Ample data is suggesting how SMEs have experienced steady growth in the digital age. Brands like Amazon, for example, host around two million third-party sellers. In countries worldwide, the share of SMEs in the export of goods is higher on eBay as compared to offline businesses of nearly the same size. Facebook also offers an estimate of nearly 50 million SMEs working on its platform. Hence, there is no doubt that for SMEs functioning in the rapidly changing digital world, the use of digital platforms provides the gateway to reach global audiences.  

  • Making safe and secure payments worldwide

The evolution of payment portals is probably one of the most vital advantages of the development of digital technologies worldwide. Anyone can now make safe and secure payments to nearly anyone across the globe by using safe and secure payment portals like Google Pay, PayPal, and others.   

Online bank transfers have become common in today’s world, making it easy for people to send and receive large to small sums of money securely.  

The world around us is changing constantly and evolving to become a better version of what it was earlier. Consequently, digital technologies are also undergoing changes and developments like in escape rooms, making global interactions more seamless and swifter than earlier!  

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