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Where Can You Buy XRP: Step-By-Step Instructions


Digital money differs from traditional money in that it doesn’t have a “physical body” and exists only in the virtual space. That is, you can’t just go to the bank and buy cryptocurrency (at least for today). XRP cryptocurrency has enlisted the support of the world’s largest banks and corporations from the very start. Its investors are Google, Western Union, Abu Dhabi Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, and others. 

So, how to buy Ripple without verification? You don’t need to go to a bank or an exchange office. You should look for the necessary exchanger on the Internet. The crypto exchange is the best place where you can buy Ripple without verification. There are a huge number of such services. But how to choose a truly reliable resource so as not to waste your own money or time?

  • Reputation: What should you pay attention to? First of all, it is the reputation and popularity of the site or app on the market. Study user reviews, look for expert opinions, and read the news if any. Don’t overlook a single comment if you want to choose a really good service.
  • Safety: The service must guarantee you the safety of money and the transfer of the purchased currency. Please note if there is complete information about the company on the website, contacts, phone numbers, and support services.
  • Commissions: Their size determines how profitable it is to purchase XRP on this particular resource. The material benefit often depends on the size of the commission. Also, note that some exchange platforms don’t charge fees for their services, but they charge higher fees for withdrawing purchased coins.
  • Asset reserve: This is another point worth paying attention to. See how many XRP there are at the time of your registration in the exchanges. If there is less than 5-10 thousand XRP, it is better not to use such a resource. The fewer coins in the reserve, the longer the transfers will take.

These, of course, are not all the criteria that are important to consider when choosing a platform when you buy XRP without verification. Rather, these are the ones you should pay great attention to. 

How to Buy XRP Without Verification and Is It Possible?

Actually, it is almost impossible to buy XRP without verification since the storage and use of this cryptocurrency imply the creation of a personal wallet. But some online exchange platforms allow you to buy Ripple without ID if you don’t exceed the withdrawal limit. 

For example, buying XRP on Switchere is the easiest and fastest way to exchange your money and not worry about the safety of your funds. It is the best universal cryptocurrency platform with 24/7 support and a wide listing of cryptocurrencies. The platform is distinguished by an increased level of security and a high reliability rating. In addition to security, the site offers users favorable exchange conditions and a lot of additional opportunities for making money on cryptocurrency.

Register and log in

Working with any exchange begins with registration. In the case of Switchere, everything is standard: visit the website, select “Create an account”, and fill out the registration form. Having received a message from the Switchere team that the registration is successful, go to your personal account and change security settings if needed.

Make a deposit

The deposit can be replenished with a credit or debit card. The procedure is standard: you select the currency for replenishment, indicate the type of account to which you want to deposit funds. The system will generate a unique address for the deposit. Copy it or use the QR code.


How to buy Ripple without verification on Switchere:

  • Log in or create an account if you don’t have one
  • Go to the “Wallet” section of your personal account
  • Select the currency (USD, EUR, etc.) and make a deposit
  • Scroll down to “Buy XRP” and “Sell XRP”
  • Select the order type
  • Click the “Buy” or “Sell” button

It is easy, right? Now you know that any user can buy Ripple with credit card instantly no verification is needed. You just have to spend some time and make little effort.

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